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Al Swearengen's Boys

1. Al Swearengen's Boys

Brian Toth  and Rob Durand

All of the credit for this team's success goes to Durand.  The red-head wonder came up with clutch hits time after time. 

Pelee Islanders

2. Pelee Islanders

Brian and Kevin Stackpoole

The brothers were the hottest team out of the gates.  They only gave two runs in their first two games.  Strong pitching and great fielding propelled this team to the finals.  They are already working on new pitches for the 2005 Curves!

No Game at This Time

3. No Game at This Time

Mike Zybura and Dave Drake

This team was one of the biggest surprises of the tourney.  Finishing in third, the were the only team to beat Al Swearengen's Boys and were two runs away from making the finals.  A strong off season of workouts may push these guys over the top in 2005.

Bald and the Beautiful

4. The Bald and The Beautiful

Paul Bursick and Greg Downey

Downey and Bursick put together a strong performance to finish in fourth.  Bursick took home the Mr. Hustle award, which he certainly earned.  They also won the award for best name.  

Double Doobie

5. Double Doobie

Andrew Dubreuil, Pat Dubreuil and Fred BruBaker 

These guys were very close to reaching the finals.  Strong pitching and big hitting led to their success.

Bay City Brew Crew

6. Bay City Brew Crew

Chris Grzegorczyk and John Locke

One of the most feared teams coming in to the tournament, these guys had too much fun the night before.  They recovered in just enough time to pick up the Toilet Bowl trophy.

Bud and Stud

7. Bud and Stud

Rob Berthold and Jody Levingston

Despite a strong early showing, the schedule was unkind to these seasoned veterans.  Having to play three games back-to-back-to-back took a toll on their arms.  

Angry Chair

8. Angry Chair

Mike Chowaniec and Eric Horton

These guys are already looking to play in other tourney's to prepare for the 2005 Curves.  Their reason for finish 8th instead of 1st: Not enough Alice-n-Chains.

The Apostles

9. The Apostles

Mark Hooks and Jim Arbaugh

Arbaugh spent too much time with the Brew Crew on Friday night, and he seemed to get the worst of it. 

David and Goliath

10. David and Goliath

Keith MaCuga and Kurt David

Don't be fooled by the tenth place finish.  These guys were sandbagging in hopes of showing off their real skills next year.

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