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2014 Scouting

The Men

No suprises with the champions.

1. (1) The Abusement Park

Roger Christensen (2nd) and Tyler Hooks (4th)

Back-to-back titles for this duo and four in four years for Tyler. Perhaps the most impressive game in their stretch was the 28-0 pounding of M.F.F.M. We think they might have been motivated for that game.

2. (9) Serve the Curve

Josh Swartz and Ben Taylor (6th)

Not sure anyone saw this coming, but definitely an impressive showing for the men of Serve the Curve. They've always been a Top Ten team, but now this puts them in a different league. Their only losses were against The Abusement Park.

3. (3) M.F.F.M

Mark Hooks (11th), Craig LeDuc (10th), and Evan Halchishick (2nd)

Another great tourney for the Mustangs, minus one game. We think they won't be talking as much trash the night before the tourney next year. At least not to one team.

4. (4) Hairy Ballzonya

Jason Kanakry (6th) and Chris Quackenbush (5th)

Another year, another top five finish for the Hairy men. This is their fourth straight finish in the top five. They did once again (like every year) have a game against M.F.F.M. and lost a tough one 3-2.

5. (5) Stinky Pete

Steve Pelletier (1st), Chris Grzergorczyk (10th), and Pete Lamerato (8th)

A nice move by Pete and G to add Pelletier. Now that he has a year of experience, look for this team to come back strong in 2015. As long as Pelletier doesn't find a new team?????

6. (7) The Semi Green Artichokes

Joey Greiner (2nd) and Ross Gleason (2nd)

These guys were definitely the talk of the tournament early, as they took down the Swinging Cocks. They then lost a tough one to Hairy Ballzonya before making a run in the losers' bracket. Now that they have two years experience, next year could be their best.

7. (2) Swinging Cocks (Roosters that is)

Jamie Dupuis (2nd), Michael Pizzuti (8th), and Kevin Timmins (8th)

Who are the real Swinging Cocks? Are they team that was unhittable and came in 2nd in 2013? Or are they consistently good top 10 that fades later in the day? Regardless, they are always a quality opponent who has a good time and are fun to play against.

8. (8) Chin Music

Mike Lawson (1st) and Matt Vargo (6th)

Vargo recruited Lawson as a last minute replacement and they still had a nice day of WB. Their only losses were two Serve the Curve and Semi Green, both Top Six finishers. On a side note, nice job to our scouts for their 8th place prediction.

9. (11) Honey Nut Ichiros

Anthony Collins and Jeremy Soldan (3rd)

These guys got the tough draw of playing The Abusement Park in the first round. After dropping a 12-1 decision, they rallied for three wins before losing a one-run decision to Stinky Pete. We were impressed with the team name and they almost brought home the hardware.

10. (17) Hoosier Daddy

Dustin Looper (5th) and Jeff Gaisor (7th)

Just when our scouts thought these guys were nearing retirement, they responded with an impressive performance. The campers claimed three victories during the day. Hopefully Gaisor is spreading his love of WB to the hockey team he is currently coaching in the Hoosier state.

11. (13) The McDaniel Clan

Seth McDaniel (1st) and Christian McDaniel (2nd)

The youngsters ditched their Dad (or did he drop them) and debuted with a Top 11 finish. This sets the bar high for next year. That being said, Christian will have a year of college under his belt, so he should be wiser and perhaps will be studying the physics of making a wiffle ball spin.

12. (14) Breaking Bat

Derek DeGroat (3rd) and Tom Downs (4th)

While we were impressed with the Breaking Bat uniforms, we're not sure they can ever live up to the Magnum PI impersonations from last year. As for WB, they suffered two tough losses to Swinging Cocks and MFFM.

13. (16) One More Swig

David Perry and Kevin Burr (5th)

Dr. Burr and Diamond Dave returned for their 5th CFTC and exceeded the predictions made by our scouts, but we are pretty sure they lived up to their own expectations. Hopefully Dr. Burr's Lions will do the same this year.

14. (10) Victorious Secrets

Grant Pringle (3rd) and Walt "Duke" White (7th)

Duke is seriously considering a move to the Senior bracket. He usually says something about it each year, but this year we think it might happen. If it does, watch out as he could make a run at the title, especially if he picks the right partner.

15. (22) Three Under Two

Michael Flaherty (9th), Michael Belisle (3rd), and Tedi Belisle (2nd)

We are not saying anything about the Michaels, but whenever Tedi is on this squad, they seem to have their best year. They picked up a few wins, including a beat down of the Pelee Islanders, before being knocked out by Chin Music.

16. (15) Wiffle House

Mike Rudy (5th), Jeff Radoicic (2nd), and Brendan Radoicic (2nd)

These guys dropped their first two games including a one run loss to Ben Franklin. They then turned it on and made a run to claim the 2014 CFTC Toilet Bowl Championship.

17. (6) Pelee Islanders

Brian Toth (9th), Kevin Stackpoole (11th) and Brian Stackpoole (11th)

It was heard, repeatedly, that Kevin Stackpoole has retired. Our scouts will look to confirm this soon. It should be noted that whenever Toth (weak link) joins this duo, they finish worse than usual.


18. (24) The Rubber Men

Nick Asman and Tom Poznick (3rd)

Thanks to this duo and Marty for making a switch to keep Prestige Worldwide (formally the Hackaholics) in the tourney. The Men of Rubber had an impressive shutout W over Double D's before bowing out of this year's tourney.

19. (18) Please Pitch Slower

Brian Perry (8th) and John David Kuhar (6th)

Apparently the opposition did not listen to this team's request. The duo has seen better days, including two top-ten finishes and a Toilet Bowl Championship. We expect they'll come back strong in '15.

20. (25) Madison Heights Rats

Justin Leimbeck (1st) and Adam Hallman (3rd)

Hallman added Leimbeck this year and the day started off great with an 8-2 win over Boonies Goonies. The rest of the day did not go so well with losses to Serve the Curve and Victorious Secrets, but we like the sippy cup in the picture.

21. (19) Ben Franklin

Ed Petzold (3rd), Mark Johnston (10th), and Chris Johnston (10th)

The men of Ben Franklin did it again. They won their first game and lost the next two. We are predicting an intentional visit to the 2015 Toilet Bowl for this team.

22. (26) SYG

Justin McDade (1st), Jonah Spurlin (1st), and Adam Pacheco (2nd)

This trio almost pulled the first round upset of Pelee Islanders, but eventually fell 6-3. They did make a nice run to the Toilet Bowl championship. This should give them the experience and confidence to make a run next year.

23. (13) 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain't One

Mike Worley and Kyle Goodwin (3rd)

Our scouts had higher hopes for these guys, but two quick losses sent them to the Toilet Bowl. We expect them to return to their 2011 form (finished in 7th place) next year.

24. (20) Prestige Worldwide

Joel Wollborg (6th) and Marty Strauch (3rd)

We had hoped for the Prestige Worldwide vs. Rubber Men showdown, but we never got it. Perhaps next year? Or will Wollborg recreate the Hackaholics?

25. (21) Walks with Four Balls

Chris Lake (9th) and Jeremy Fox (10th)

These guys seem to get a tough draw each year. Their first two games were against Stinky Pete and the Swinging Cocks, both Top 10 teams. Hopefully next year they draw Double D's. On the positive side, they did claim the 2014 Best Team Name award.

26. (27) Boonies Goonies

Kyle Randolph and Matt Walraven (1st)

We are not sure about their WB skills, but we're pretty sure they had a good time. Thanks to Randolph and his wife Kari for helping host this year's tournament. We'll work around the pool next year.

27. (23) Double D's

Dan Breathour (5th) and David Toth (10th)

DLT's thoughts: Who cares about WB? Harbaugh is coming to Michigan.

The Lovely Ladies

It should be noted that the top 2 teams entered the tourney after the initial scouting, otherwise our scouts would have had them 1 and 2 for sure.

1. (7) Peace, Love, and Ta Ta's

Ann Lemire and Shana Lynch (1st)

The Wolverine and The Rocket dominated in their debut. They did have two close contests early on, but once they figured out the game they started to dominate. They should be even better as they defend the title in 2015. Also, we are still looking for the Youtube video of Lemire swimming in the Cass. Did it really happen if there is no video?

2. (9) Tice Nits

Kristin Toth (4th) and Lexi Berthold (1st)

An impressive return for Kiki after a number of years off the CFTC circuit. The addition of Lexi B proved to be helpful as this duo made it to the finals. They were unable to overcome Peace, but we have a feeling they will be training this summer on the shores of Lake Ponemah.

3. (4) Jug-Or-Nots

Marla Vanwormer and Melissa McGovern (4th)

This duo of Muthers either finish in 4th or 3rd on a yearly basis. They have two of each in their first four years. They lost two close games to Tice Nits to knock them out of this year's tourney.

4. (5) Squeeze Theez

Julie Hoffman (1st), Lisa Berthold (9th), and Jennifer Bjorkman (7th)

The question our scouts have is will Hoffman keep B and B as her teammates next year? These ladies did pickup two wins before getting eliminated by the Jugs. Hoffman should be better next year with a year of experience under he belt.

5. (1) Mean Girls

Jennifer LeDuc (8th) and Karlee Hooks (5th)

Our two least competitive ladies might have been slightly disappointed with this year's performance. To their credit, their two losses were by a combined four runs, so we know they'll come back strong next year.

6. (3) Tartars for Ta Ta's

Christina Wooster (1st), Courtney West (3rd), and Amanda Pata (3rd),

These ladies came the closest to knocking off the champs. In Round 2 they dropped a 6-5 decision to Peace. They did pickup one win before dropping their final game to the Jugs.

7. (8) The Knockers

Kari Randolph and Erin Burdis (1st)

Two Things: 1. Randolph is a great host. 2. These ladies won the Toilet Bowl, which is impressive for a first year team. We'll add a third: Great job holding Lemire (allegedly) to her promise that if she won she would swim in the Cass.

8. (2) Titty Swisters

Heather Kanarky (7th) and Danielle Quackenbush (4th)

Bad scouting on our part this year, but these ladies usually bring it and are tough to beat. We think they were so mesmerized by their guys reversed clothing that they didn't play their best. Watch out for them next year.

9. (6) PocahonTits

Paula Dietz and Megan Flaherty (4th)

Another year, another great name using Walt's movies. We are still partial to Ma Ta Ta's, but this was solid and so were their uniforms as they won the 2014 CFTC Best Team Uniform award. As for WB, they'll have a better day next year.

The Seniors

It is odd not seeing Morrison Hotel at the top. Don't be suprised if they reclaim the title this year.


1. (2) Morrison Hotel

Keith Hooks and Mark Hooks (6th)

They were knocked off their throne in 2013, but they came back strong this year to reclaim the title. Their closest game was in the first round when they beat Manhattan Mayhem 4-0. After that they dominated and claimed their 5th title.

2. (1) Olde English D's

Steve List (2nd) and Tim Daoust (7th)

The men of OED's dropped a surprising second round game to Stackalicious, but they rallied to reach the finals. That rally included a revenge W against Stackalicious. We are no experts, but we must point out that with Tiger J, this team won a championship. Without him, they came in second. Just saying.

3. (5) Stackalicious

Joe Stackpoole (5th) and Bill Stackpoole (6th)

This was the brother's best showing and they surprised everyone by knocking off the defending champs 5-0 in Round 2. We are looking forward to pictures from Uncle Joe's trip to Japan as he will be rocking CFTC gear in a new country.

4. (4) Rack Attack

Pete Vanderhaar and John Lewis (7th)

After dropping a tough first round game, these one-time champions rallied for two straight victories. They lost a 5-3 game against Olde English to end their day.

5. (6) Class of '79

Scott Johnston (1st) and Allen McDaniel (3rd)

We are not sure how much McDaniel enjoyed the senior circuit, but we are pretty sure he probably wasn't as sore as last year. Hopefully Johnston enjoyed his first tourney and they did claim the 2014 Senior Toilet Bowl Championship.

6. (3) Weiss Equipment

Al Weiss (6th), Tim Gilmour (5th), and Chip Sassone (2nd)

One important note: They finished ahead of Manhattan Mayhem. So they can at least talk trash that they were not the last place finishing team from Muth.

7. (7) Manhattan Mayhem

Marc Watkins (6th) and Joe Toth (8th)

They were so close in Game 1, only losing 4-0 to the eventual champions. Who knows what would have happened if they won that one? Well, we do appreciate all they do to help set up the tourney, so we'll excuse them if their WB isn't so great....anymore of course, because at one time it was legendary.


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