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2013 Scouting

The Men

Tyler Hooks' made a good choice with his new teammate and claimed his third title in three years.

1. (1) Where My Pitches At?

Roger Christensen (1st) and Tyler Hooks (3rd)

Three years, three different teams, three titles for Tyler. Christensen's bat and Hooks' pitching are a lethal combination. The duo basically held all of their competitors scoreless. RC might be the teammate for the future, which should put all other teams on notice, if they weren't already.

2. (10) Swinging Cocks (Roosters that is)

Jamie Dupuis (1st), Michael Pizzuti (7th), and Kevin Timmins (7th)

Our scouts, for years, have thought highly of the Swinging C's. And finally, the C's decided to prove us right. Their pitching is filthy, and this year they rode that and timely hitting all the way to the finals. Their only losses were to the champions and M.F.F.M. They did get their revenge in the losers' bracket with a 2-0 defeat of M.F.F.M. We'll see what they come back with in 2014.

3. (3) M.F.F.M

Craig LeDuc (9th), Mark Hooks (10th), and Evan Halchishick (1st)

Craig and Mark may have lost Tyler as a teammate, but they still played tough WB all day. In the highly anticipated showdown, they dropped a tough 2-0 loss to the champions. Halchishick seemed like a good addition, and these guys will most likely come back strong in 2014. Then again, they seem at peace now that they have a title, so perhaps they will be coasting mode.

4. (2) Ballzonya

Chris Quackenbush (4th) and Jason Kanarky (5th)

These guys have a trend going. Lose early, and then make a serious run. It worked again this year, as they lost their first game 7-0 to M.F.F.M. They then won six straight games before dropping a 2-0 battle to the Swinging C's. We have a feeling that one of these years they just might win the first game and then start their run.

5. (15) Pelee Islanders

Brian Stackpoole (10th) and Kevin Stackpoole (10th)

Perhaps the brothers Stack did not like their 15th place spot in the scouting report, because they came back strong this year. They won their first three games before dropping a 7-0 game to Where My Pitches At. Their only other loss was to Ballzonya. The bad news for the duo is that this would be them in the "A" Flight, if the tournament goes that way in 2014.


6. (12) Wiffle Like it's 2007

Rob Durand (5th) and Brian Toth (8th)

It was Durand's first tournament since 2007, and his pitching and fielding didn't miss a beat. His bat speed looked like it had been on hiatus for 5 years, but the red pop drinkers were able to put together enough hits to make a nice run. They picked up five wins, but were shut out in their two losses to Where My Pitches At and The Swinging Cocks. We're hoping Durand will be back in 2014.

7. (8) Chin Music

Matt Vargo (5th) and Matt Douglass (4th)

Add another top ten finish to this team's resume. The day started strong for the men of Chin Music, with two quick W's. They dropped a tough 3-1 game to the Pelee Islanders before picking up one more win in the loser's bracket. Their last game was an extra inning defensive battle, in which they lost 1-0 to Wiffle Like it's 2007.

8. (17) The Semi Green Artichokes

Brandon Brubaker (2nd), Joey Greiner (1st) and Ross Gleason (1st)

The Artichokes won this year's award for best new team. (Brubaker did play last year, but 66% of the team is new) They won their first game and had M.F.F.M on the ropes, but a late rally cost them the game. They picked up three more wins before bowing out of the tourney. We expect these guys to come back and be a force in next year's tournament.

9. (13) Serve the Curve

Ben Taylor and Josh Swartz (6th)

The men of Serve picked up their fifth top ten finish. Unlike the last couple of years, they started with a couple of wins. They scored two runs against Where My Pitches At, making them the only team to score against the champions.

10. (24) Victorious Secrets

Grant Pringle (2nd) and Walt "Duke" White (6th)

Duke's move from the Belsay Road Bandit's continues to pay off with longer days of WB. He and Pringle picked up their first top ten finish. They picked up two W's before dropping games to the Artichokes and Swinging C's. We'll see if they trend continues in 2014.

11. (4 (o) (o) (o)

Pete Lamerato (7th) and Dan Williams (3rd)

It was an interesting day for Lamerato. He found out that his normal partner, Chris Grzegorczyk, would not be able to play. Then Williams, the third player on their squad, had to leave by noon. So, he ended up recruiting Eddie P from Ben Franklin. Together they picked up a couple of W's. Pete's hoping G returns and the team is back for 2014.

12. (25) The McDaniel Clan

Allen McDaniel (2nd) and Christian McDaniel (1st)

Allen made the right move by leaving his old team and adding his son. Our scouts thought we might be off predicting a 25th place finish, and we were. The duo started with a nice 2-0 win over the Wiffle House. All of their games were close and if they can find a way to produce more offense, these Texans might move higher up in 2014.

13. (6) Bada Bing Bada Bombs

Mike Worley and Kyle Goodwin (2nd)

The Bombs came back for their second tournament and started the day with a W against Pitchin a Tent. We'll see if they take another year off before coming back for their third tourney. Their two losses came against two top four teams, including their rivals MFFM.

14. (21) Wiffle House

Mike Rudy (4th) Jeff Radoicic (1st), and Brendan Radoicic (1st)

Rudy added some new players and it paid off with his best finish in his four year career. They played competitive all day and picked up an impressive W against the #9 seeded On Field 3. If Rudy keeps this squad in place, they could rise even higher in 2014.

15. (22) Tent Pitchers

Kevin Burr and David Perry (4th)

The Doctor's left the tents at home and started the day with a surprising 13-3 victory over the Hackaholics. They picked up one more W before Ballzonya knocked them out of the tournament. But, they accomplished the important part, which was to finish higher their Perry's brother, whose On Field 3 finished 23rd. We are hoping for a first round showdown next year.

16. (7) Magnum PI

Tom Downs (3rd), Derek DeGroat (2nd), and Kristof Kurzeja (2nd)

First of all, outstanding uniforms. Any team who is willing to grow mustaches for Curves glory deserves props. Nicely done! Now, the WB question, is this the accurate ranking of this team? Downs has played in three tourneys and his squad has finished 28th, 6th, and 16th. Perhaps we'll find out next year. We are also interested in what team uniform they may have next year.

17. (11) Breast of the Breast

Jeremy Soldan and Anthony Collins (2nd) with Brad Barnett (1st)

Barnett filled in for the squad until Collins was able to join the team. They started the day with two tough losses, but they rallied to claim the 2013 Toilet Bowl Championship. We have a feeling this team will be come back strong in 2014 and build on their TB run.


18. (14) Pitchin a Tent

Andy Hersche (1st), Jeff Gaisor (6th), and Dustin Looper (4th)

Few may remember this, but in 2009 Gaisor joined forces with Looper. They finished in 4th place. In 2010 they followed that up with another 4th place finish. Since then, they've finished 17th, 14th, and now 18th. So it looks like our Indiana friends may have missed their opportunity for Curves glory. (This is our subtle way of motivating JG for 2014)

19. (27) Ben Franklin

Mark Johnston (9th), Chris Johnston (9th), and Ed Petzold (2nd)

Irony all around with this team. Eddie P played with the J Brothers in 2006 and they finished in 19th place, just like this year. The other bit of irony is that Eddie left this squad later in the day and joined (o) (o) (o), and that team all of the sudden started winning games. Hopefully Ed doesn't take another seven years off before playing again.

20. (5) The Hackaholics

Jeff Willman and Joel Wollborg (5th)

Perhaps our scouts' predicting a 5th place finish and then saying we thought they would have a great day got to this duo's head. It might be our worst scouting performance in Curves history. They did have four top ten finishes coming in, so we felt the potential was there for success. We have a feeling the Hack's will bounce back in 2014 and return to the Top 10.

21. (23) ABC Boys

Eric Horton (7th) and Chris Cheshmire (1st)

Cheshmire was a nice addition for Horton providing solid pitching and strong defense. And as usual, when Horton threw strikes the team had success. When he didn't the team struggled. So, after seven tournaments, we fill there may have been a learning moment for ECH. Perhaps.

22. (19) Scared Hitless

Jeremy Fox (9th) and Chris Lake (8th)

One of these years these guys are going to win their first round game. It seems like every year they are right there and go into extra innings. It happened again this year. They did recover to rally to make it to the Finals of the Toilet Bowl, but came up a little bit short.

23. (9) On Field 3

John David Kuhar (5th) and Brian Perry (7th)

It looked like these guys were on a new level, with back to back 8th place finishes. Unfortunately they played the red-hot Swinging C's in Round 1 and then dropped a tough one run loss to The Wiffle House. We expect they'll come back strong in '14.

24. (28) Double D's

David Toth (9th) and Dan Breathour (4th)

Sure they didn't win a game, but they only lost to the Pelee Islanders 2-0 in Round 1. That is good enough to earn the 24th spot instead of the 28th. Perhaps a little better fielding in 2014 and these guys might pick up career win number 3.

25. (26) The Rubber Men

Nick Asman, Tom Poznick, and Marty Strauch (2nd)

Well, the Men of Rubber picked up two TB wins in 2012 and we thought that momentum would carry to 2013. We were wrong. If these guys can find their bats (they scored zero runs in their first two games) perhaps they can make the run we expected.

26. (16) Madison Heights Rats

Adam Hallman (2nd) and Rick Hallman (2nd)

The Rats debuted last year and finished 13th. Last year they had Brandon Brubaker, who defected and joined the Artichokes. Last year they scored a ton of runs, but this year the bats were held in check.

27. (18) Treasured Chests

Adam Skyba and Toby Smith (1st)

It was a rough day for the first timers, as they dropped all three of their games that they played. It must have been bad, because they also missed getting their team picture taken. Hopefully we'll get one next year.

28. (20) My Two Sons

Hunter Gatza (1st), Jim Gatza (3rd), and Logan Gatza (1st)

We thought the loss of Scott Hapworth and the addition of his sons would help Gatza make a run. Apparently, we were wrong. By the end of the day we saw Hapworth and Gatza together dissing the Two Sons. We would love to see a first round showdown next year: Sons vs. Dad and Hapworth. That could be fun.

The Lovely Ladies

LeDuc joins a new team and claims a title. We have a feeling that next year will be the most competitive female tournament in Curves' history.

1. (5) Rack Pack

Courtney Knox (3rd), Katie Parish (2nd), and Jennifer LeDuc (7th)

An impressive performance for these first time champions. They played great all day and claimed the 2013 Female Title. Perhaps what is most impressive is they won their games in different fashion. They beat the Jug-or-Nots 3-0 in their first game, and then won the title with a 31-26 victory over Dolly's Girls. Of course, the big question is what will Jen do in 2014?

2. (9) Dolly's Girls

Amanda Pata (2nd), Courtney West (2nd), and Beth Pung (1st)

So either a year of experience for Pata and West made a huge difference or Pung can play some WB. Perhaps it was a combination of both, both Dolly's Girls went from 8th last year to 2nd this year. Their only losses were against the Rack Pack. We think they'll come ready for the rematch.

3. (2) Hello Titties

Karlee Hooks (4th) and Kristy Hartman (3rd)

In 2010 this duo claimed the title and had high hopes for this year. They dropped a second round game to Barely B's, but then made a nice run in the Losers' Bracket. Then they ran into Dolly's Girls who exploded for a 17-1 victory. Hopefully they'll be back together in 2014.

4. (4) Jug-Or-Nots

Marla Vanwormer and Melissa McGovern (3rd)

It was almost there for the Jugs. They played Rack Pack in game one and hung tough, but eventually lost 3-0. They rallied for three wins in the losers' bracket before dropping a 3-1 game against Hello T's. These ladies have a competitive spirit and we'll come back looking to keep their streak of Top Five finishes alive.

5. (3) Bear Magic

Kacie Rodriguez, Brianna Donnelly, and Stacey Van Fleet (1st)

A solid showing for these first time youngsters. The girls of Magic out strong with two straight wins. They ran into Dolly's Girls and dropped a 12-7 decision. The loss took its toll as they dropped their next game to Hello T's. We expect the year of experience will help and they'll be back in 2014 with an even better performance.

6. (1) Barely B's and Double D's

Heather Kanarky (6th) and Danielle Quackenbush (3rd)

Like Morrison Hotel in the Senior Division, the ladies of Barely B's and Double D's found out what it is like to be the "hunted". Things looked like a normal day at Curves until they dropped a 24-19 decision to the eventual champs. We expect them to come back strong in 2014 and think their role of the "hunter" should put fear in other teams.

7. (6) Triple D

Donna Schaffer (2nd), Darlene Dull (1st), and Debbie Washington (2nd)

They come from Florida, Cali, and the Home of Miller's each year and we appreicate their wilingness to travel. We're not sure if they are the Triple D's or Hungarian Hotties, but we do know that if they get their offense working, they will be a tough team next year. They only scored two runs all day, and they were still able to win a game.

8. (7) Bibbidi Bobbidi Boobs

Megan Flaherty and Paula Dietz (3rd)

The Boobs responded from a tough first round loss with a nice 6-3 win in the second round. They almost pulled off an upset, but lost a tough 2-1 game to the Jug or Nuts. These girls should be back next year, with another Disney name of course, and they will most likely continue to get better. What happened to the tent this year?

9 (8) Pink Panthers

Jennifer Bjorkman (6th) and Lisa Berthold (8th)

Sure it was a rough day of WB for these one-time Toth's, but there is hope. Later in the evening at the annual bonfire they made a pinkie promise with All-World softball hurler Julie Hoffman, and JH said she is joining the squad for 2014. If this is the case, look out, because she doesn't like losing and she'll make sure her teammates are ready to play.

10. (11) Ball Busters

Keturah Becker (1st) and Michelle McKendry (2nd)

We truly feel that the Busters would have performed much better had McKendry's dad, Jim Durand, attended the tournament. He would have been able to help chase Michelle's nieces around and gave her more of opportunity to focus on WB. Anyway, this duo should improve now that they have a year of experience together.

11. (10) TaTa's in TuTu's

Autumn Gaisor and Chrissy Asher (2nd)

It was a tough day of WB for our favorite female team from Indiana. They dropped their first two games and headed to the Toilet Bowl, but as their picture shows, they were all smiles:) And as usually they kept the party going late in the tent on Saturday night.

The Seniors

We thought the free agent acquisition of Tyler Hooks in 2012 was the best ever, but now Steve List's performance of bringing the Olde English D's from the bottom to a championship takes the top spot.


1. (7) Olde English D's

Tim Daoust (6th), Dave Johnston (6th), and Steve List (1st)

This was our pre-tournament scouting report: An interesting move for the D's acquiring free agent Steve List. This should prove to be a wise move for the crafty veterans as List should bring some quickness to the team. If the originals can return to their 2011 Toilet Bowl Championship form and List lives up to the expectations, then this trio could surprise some teams this year. Not to toot our horn, but that is exactly what happened. We just didn't know it would lead to a championship. Congrats to the trio for claiming the crown and now they will face the tough task of repeating in 2014. That is of course if Tiger J doesn't call it a career and go out as a Champion.

2. (3) Dudd'N Inspectors

Al Weiss (5th) and John Compton (5th)

The trend continues for the Inspectors. This was their 4th tournament together and they keep getting closer to the top. Their first tournament ended with a sixth place finish. This year's second place finish is their best to date and perhaps a sign that they may claim the 2014 title.

3. (1) Morrison Hotel

Mark Hooks (5th), Scot Sutton (4th), and Keith Hooks (5th)

Well, like all dynasties, there has to be an end. The men of Hotel were unable to claim their fifth title, but they still finished in third. One thing we feel confident about: They will come back strong in 2014 and look to reclaim the title. It is usually easier to be the hunter instead of the hunted, and this should be a welcome change for this trio.

4. (6) Rack Attack

Pete Vanderhaar and John Lewis (6th)

The men of Rack Attack once again had the tough first round draw of playing Morrison Hotel. They played competitively, as usually, but came out on the losing end 6-3. They picked up a win before dropping a thrilling 17-16 game to the Dudd'n Inspectors.

5. (5) Stackalicious

Bill Stackpoole (5th) and Joe Stackpoole (4th)

A nice job by our scouting department on this one. The senior Stack duo started the day with an impressive 10-4 victory over Please Don't Move. They dropped their next two games against the Olde English D's and Rack Attack. Our scouts usually pick this team right on or one spot off, so next year with may pick them to finish 1st just to see if the theory holds true.

6. (2) Please Don't Move

Dennis Arvanitis (3rd), Tim Gilmour (4th), and Chip Sassone (1st)

We may have expected too much for this team predicting a second place finish.It was the first tournament for Sassone and also the first time all three played as a team. They were able to defeat Mayhem to claim the 2013 Senior Toilet Bowl Championship. We wish Arvanitis well on his move to Ohio and hope he visits for the 2014 tournament.

7. (4) Manhattan Mayhem

Joe Toth (7th) and Marc Watkins (5th)

It was probably a disappointing finish for the men of Mayhem. It should be noted that there day could have been drastically different had their first game ended differently. They dropped a 1-0 decision to the Olde English D's, who ended up winning the tournament. Watkins was publicly looking at the tourney for a new teammate for next year, so we're not sure if Mayhem will be back in 2014.


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