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The First 10

1. (2) Case Dismissed

Tyler Hooks (7th) and Roger Christensen (5th)

Well, they did it again. They’ve played in four tourneys together and won all four. Will they be back for the final Curves in 2018?

2. (3) Wiffle House

Jeff Radoicic (5th), Brendan Radoicic (5th), and Dominic Mora (1st)

An impressive run the last two years for Wiffle House. After finishing 16 th in 2014 and 18 th in 2015, they’ve been on a streak. Last year they finished third and this year they finished 2nd. Next year they plan to have a special championship game jersey which might just be the difference.

3. (4) The McDaniel Clan

Seth McDaniel (4th) and Christian McDaniel (5th)

The concern of Christian 21 was not a factor, as the Clan pulled the upset of the tourney by defeating the defending Champs 11-0 in round 1 of pool play. They lost a tough semifinal game (0-3) to Wiffle House to end their day.

4. (8) We Da Breast

Anthony Collins (6th), Bradley Moore (1st), and Jeremy Soldan (6th)

A solid run in pool play, only loss to Wiffle House, put the We Da’s in the winner bracket. After a victory over the Wet Bandits, they met the team they always seem to meet, Roger and Tyler, and lost a tough 0-5 decision. Congrats to the young guys for their best finish at CFTC.


5. (1) The Semi Green Artichokes

Joey Greiner (4th), Brandon Brubaker (5th), and Ross Gleason (4th)

It is definitely hard to repeat as Champions as everyone is going at you. The McDaniel Clan came out and provided the rare shutout againt the defending champs 11-0. SGA learned that repeating can be tough, but we expect they’ll come back strong in 2018.

6. (6) Swinging Cocks (Roosters that is)

Kevin Timmins (11th), Gabe Timmins (1st) and Michael Pizzuti (11th)

The newsest member, Gabe, definitely has the brightest future. The Cocks are one of the few CFTC teams who’ve played in both Holly and Muth. We are hoping the final CFTC will be a big year for them.

7. (5) Pain Don't Hurt

Bryan Southwick (2nd) and Derek DeGroat (6th)

DeGroat and Southwick went 2-1 in Pool play and their only loss was against SGA. Unfortunately for them they ran into Case Dismissed in the bracket. This is their second straight Top 10 appearance.

8. (10) The Wet Bandits

Joel Wollborg (9th), Marty Strauch (6th) and Tom Poznick (6th)

An amazing 3-0 run through pool play for these guys. Apparently the Rubber Men and Bandit combo worked. They bowed out in the first round of the bracket with a 1-4 loss to We Da Breast. Thanks to Marty and his family for the continued post-Curves clean-up help.

9. (9) Who Wiffed

John David Kuhar (9th) and Brian Perry (11th)

Perry and Kuhar have built an impressive resume and added their third top ten finish. They dropped a 0-6 decision in the first round of the bracket to the S. Cocks.

10. (13) Rats

Adam Hallman (6th), Rick Hallman (4th) and Justin Leimbeck (2nd)

The Rats came out hot and went 2-1 in Pool play, earning a spot in the A bracket. They dropped their first game to Pain Don’t Hurt 0-6 to end their day.


The Second 10


11. (7) Wiffle Ball-A-Whacker Guys

Mike Worley (5th) and Kyle Goodwin (6th)

They went 2-1 in Pool Play, but they gave up 22 runs in their loss, which put them in the B Bracket. It turned out to be a good thing as they were able to pickup hardware for winning the 2017 B Flight Championship.

12. (15) Second Base Crusaders

Steve Geminder (2nd), Kevin Rogner (3rd), and Tyler Harris (1st)

The Crusaders went on a scoring rampage in the B bracket. They picked up two wins by scoring 37 runs over those two games, before dropping the championship to the Wacker a Guys. Adding a third player seemed to help this year’s Crusaders.

13. (12) Duke and the Three Amigos

Duke White (10th) and some helpers....

Duke did a solid job of overcoming the weaknesses of his three rental players. His team picked up three wins but bowed out to the Crusaders in their final effort. Perhaps if KStack didn’t pull a hamstring, they could have stayed as a duo and made a run.

14. (17) Ballin for Breasts

Brett Davis and Barry Soldan (2nd)

Pool play was rough as they went 0-3, but that must have awoken their games, as they rallied for two straight wins, including a nine inning affair over Take This Too Seriously.

15. (16) Victorious Secrets

Grant Pringle (6th) and Aaron Schumann (3rd)

They picked up a 2-1 W over Night Ranger as their lone victory, but more importantly to a certain someone, their last loss was to Duke. That being said, they did have a solid two nights of camping despite being told, allegedly, to “get off the lawn” .

16. (11) Ben Franklin

Chris Johnston (13th), Ed Petzold (6th), and Mark Johnston (13th)

The strategy was almost perfect, but unfortunately they ran into Wacker Guys the first round of the B bracket. They did pick up a W in the Battle of Muth vs. Tig o Bitties.

17. (14) Two Old Men and a Truck

Dave Beazley (1st) , Kevin Beazley (1st), and Ken Sanders (5th)

It was good to see Sanders make his return to the CFTC fields and we are pretty sure young Beazley might be kicking his teammates to the curb for some younger talent.

18. (20) Night Rangers

Joseph Bjorkman (2nd), David Toth (12th), and Dan Breathour (7th)

So close…they lost three pool games by the following scores: 4-9, 1-2, and 0-1. That is an impressive effort for this trio of misfits. And as promised, they did not finish last.

19. (19) You Take This too Seriously

Kyle Randolph and Matt Walraven (4th)

At times this duo looked great as they had multiple games on Field 1…..they must know someone. Their last game was a thrilling 2-3 loss in nine innings. More impressively, one team member can balance something in his mouth while falling over fences. Next year we are guaranteeing a win.

20. (18) Tig O Bitties

Brad Phelps, James Block, and Ben Graham, (1st)

It was a tough debut for the three Muthers. Their best game as a 4-7 loss to Ben Franklin. The good news is they now have a year of experience under their belt.


The Lovely Ladies

1. (2) Boobie Bunch

Taylor Toth (2nd), Lexi Berthold (4th), and Kristin Toth (7th)

The younger “Toth’s” picked up two one run victories, including a walk off double by Tay, to advance to the winner’s bracket final. They dropped their first Championship Game against T’s and G’s but rallied to win the second. Young Lex and Tay carried the load as a neck injury slowed Aunt Kiki, who picked up her third title.

2. (1) For Tits and Giggles

Julie Hoffman (4th), Lisa Berthold (12th), and Jennifer Bjorkman (10th)

Three straight second place finishes for the T’s and G’s is an impressive accomplishment. They were so close this year and dropped two close games to the Boobie Bunch. Perhaps next year will see these ladies go out on top.

3. (6) Titty Titty Bang Bang

Anna Jancek and Samantha Long (1st)

Three straight second place finishes for the T’s and G’s is an impressive accomplishment. They were so close this year and dropped two close games to the Boobie Bunch. Perhaps next year will see these ladies go out on top.

4. (5) Chest Puppies

Lauren DeLisle and Leah Boundy (1st)

The Chest Puppies debuted with a solid effort. They picked up their first W at CFTC by knocking off Scared Hitless before losing tow Titty Titty Bang Bang. The year of experience should help them moving forward.

5. (6) Hakuna Ma Tatas

Kayla Davis and Kim Soldan (1st)

A late change in the team may have thrown off the MOJO, but the Ta Ta’s rallied in time to claim the 2017 CFTC female Toilet Bowl Championship. Any hardware is better than no hardware.

6. (4) Scared Hitless

Kathleen Wilhelm (1st) and Michelle Miller (2nd)

It appears this duo took their name too seriously and their bats cooled off instead of heating up. Despite the lack of W’s, they gained valuable experience and should be back for a better year in 2018.

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