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The talent level continues to grow each year. The scores were much lower due to better pitching. Our scouts did a pretty good job predicting this year's field. Just a reminder that the scouting reports are all in fun :) The Number is parentheses was the scouting reports prediction.

No Practice, No Problem

1. (1) No Practice No Problem 

Travis Schultz (3rd Tournament) and Ron Pare (3rd)

Two titles in three years puts these guys in elite status. They played close games all day, but always seemed to pull out the W. They dropped a 3-5 decision to Two T's, but then rallied to beat them twice in the championship. Pare was excellent all day, and claimed this year's MVP award. Schultz didn't hit as many dingers as he usually does, and he seems to think the bats were to blame. Either way, these guys continued their dominance.


Two T's in a Bud

2. (7) Two T's in a Bud

Rob Berthold (5th) and Brian Toth (5th)

Apparently Toth knew what he was doing when he replaced his old teammate Rob Durand with Berthold. Bethold was outstanding all day in the field, making several acrobatic catches. His pitching was very good as well. The team struggled from the plate, but came up with enough key hits to win the winners' bracket, before dropping two straight in the championship. The big question for next year is what happens if Durand returns? Perhaps the three will team up and look to reclaim the title.

Girls on Film

3. (5) Girls on Film 

Brian Stackpoole (5th) and Kevin Stackpoole (5th)

Just another day at the WB fields for the Stack bros. By far this is the best team to never win a title, but our scouts believe next year might be their year. Over the five tournaments, they've finished second, third, fourth, sixth and now another third. A pretty impressive Curves' resume. Despite not winning they were very happy to finally get the chance to play Hooks and LeDuc, and they beat them 4-1. This will hopefully end the trash talking that has been taking place for four years. We doubt it.

Stackpoole Tree Service

4. (4) Stackpoole Tree Service 

Mark Hooks (5th) and Craig LeDuc (4th)

They wanted one game, and one game only. They got it. And lost. Done. (For those who need more info: They have been talking trash for years with the Stack bro's. The loser bracket semifinal matchup was their chance to prove their worth....however, they lost and made excuses. Perhaps this harsh scouting report will motivate them, but our scouts believe the trash talking will continue.) On a side note, great prediction by our scouts. These guys played good WB all day and beat some quality teams, and LeDuc won this year's best pitcher award.

Holely Balls Batmen

5. (6) Holely Balls Batmen 

Dan Sanborn (3rd) and Jake Sanborn (2nd)

The brothers put forth their best performance, and for awhile, our scouts and many onlookers thought they had the tourney won. They dominated in the first two rounds and then beat Stackpoole Tree Service in a close one. They dropped a tough one to Two T's 1-2, which was probably the fastest game in Curves history. We had it clocked at around 22 minutes. We have a feeling Dan and Jake will have a big say in next year's tourney.

Velocity Sports Performance

6. (20)Velocity Sports Performance 

Brian Lemons (2nd) and Jason Coleman (1st)

Our scouts knew we'd be off on this one, because Lemons basically carried his team last year. Coleman was a solid replacement for James and Larson and these two will be a force to reckon with in the future. They picked up a nice win against the Stugots before losing a tough 1-3 game toGirls on Film to end their day.


7. (3) Wifflekrieg
Jeremy Robinson (3rd) and Dan Gardner (3rd)

J-Rob called out our scouts, and he was probably right. He felt our scouts prediction of third was too high, and that 7th or 8th would be more accurate. Perhaps next year J-Rob will be doing the scouting. They started off with two nice wins before dropping a tough one to Two T's, with the highlight of that game being Gardner's attempt at catching a home run while running through the fence. Looks like they'll be making the highlight film this year.

Stugots Strike Back

8. (2)The Stugots Strike Back 

Chris Grzegorczyk (5th) and John Locke (3rd)

Reunited and it feels so good? Perhaps. G seemed a little lost without Lamerato at the beginning, but as the day progressed Locke seemed to fill in nicely. After a stunning second round loss, these guys rallied for three straight wins before their day was done. They took care of business against their buddies the WOP ballers, defeating them 10-0. Will Lamerato be back in '09? Or will G and Locke be together again?

Nice Rack

9. (13) Nice Rack

Michael Pizzuti (2nd) and Kevin Timmins (2nd)

Pizzuti was nursing a sore shoulder, so Timmins had to carry the pitching load for these guys. No excuses! After a tough morning loss to Velocity Sports, they rallied for two straight wins, and then suffered a 0-1 loss to Stackpoole Tree Service. Any team that is better than our scouts predict deserves credit. Nice job. These guys are always looking for more WB, and next year they want 7 inning games and triple elimination.

Serve the Curve

10. (19) Serve the Curve 

Josh Swartz (1st) and Ben Taylor (1st)

These two finished with the highest ranking of a team consisting of two first-time players. They suffered a tough first round loss before winning two straight. A second loss to Wifflekriegendedtheir day. They took part in one of the most exciting games of the tournament, when Taylor hit a walk off dinger in the seventh inning to defeat Schrute Farms. Our scouts expect big things from this team in the future.

Colonel Sanders and the Finger Lickin' Yooper

11. (24) Colonel Sanders and the Finger Lickin' Yooper 

Dave Vermullen (2nd) and Ken Sanders (1st)

Our scouts deserve some credit. Yes, we predicted a 24th place finish, but we also said we would be wrong. These guys won a tough first game against Team Nasty, and then had Girls on Film on the ropes before losing 2-4. The two picked up another win before bowing out of the tourney. Both guys were seen hustling all over, as evidenced by Sanders mud stain on his pants. And V needs credit for his stellar performance considering his night at Tiffany's on Friday.

WOP Ballers

12. (14) WOP Ballers 
Bryan Ventrone (2nd), Sawyer Ventrone (1st) and Jeremy Ventrone (2nd)

The Ventrones came through big by sticking around for most of the tournament, despite the need to leave. We appreciate the effort. The trio got a nice win over Freeway Fritz, but then dropped two tough games. The youth of young Sawyer came in handy as the young lad put forth a solid pitching effort. Look for S.V. out on the soccer field of Valley Lutheran High this fall.

Belsay Road Bandits

13. (18) Belsay Road Bandits 

David Ayers (1st), Walter White (1st), and Russ White(1st)

The new guys from Flint were heard frequently in the forum, and for the most part they backed up their talk. They lost a tough first game by two runs to No Practice, No Problem and then they lost their next game to Nice Rack by one. They backed up their talk with three straight wins to come away with the 2008 Toilet Bowl Championship.

A Belly Itcher with a Broken Ladder

14. (17) A Belly Itcher with a Broken Ladder 

Brian Perry (2nd) and John David Kuhar (1st)

Perry and USC's QB had a tough first round match-up with Stackpoole Tree Service, but held their own before dropping a tough 1-4 game. They bounced back with a nice win before getting knocked out of the tourney by Serve the Curve. Perhaps the duo will bring back Kevin Burr or Perry's brother Dave for a run next year.

Team Monkeywrench

15. (11) Team Monkey Wrench 

Mark Johnston (4th) and Chris Johnston (4th)

The J brothers continue to get better, but they just can't put together enough wins to make a solid run. They lost a tough 5-6 game to Wifflekrieg in the second round. We have a feeling these guys will continue to improve. They both provided great help in setting up the tourney and Mark J. was a huge help on Sunday's cleanup crew. Thanks to Chris for the big moonwalk and Subway, and Mark's T-Dubs pizza was delicious.

Five Against One, Punching the Munchkin

16. (16) Five Against One, Punching the Munchkin 

Jason Jarrell (1st) and Andy Hatton (1st)

Awards were aplenty for this team, just not the big one they coveted. Hatton stole the home run derby with a dazzling display, and some help from Lisa B., for making the derby wait for Hatton to return from his Grey Goose run. The duo picked up the best team name, which if you want more detail, send us an email and we'll explain. With a year under their belt, this team should be much improved in '09.

Team Nasty

17. (22) Team Nasty 

Austin Winters (1st) and Evan Winters (1st)

The Winters brothers played a very tough first round game against Colonel Sanders and the Finger Lickin Yooper before losing by one run. They picked up a nice win in the toilet bowl before losing the TB championship. Hopefully Austin's life highlight is no longer teaching himself to play Rock Band, and now it has something to do with WB.

We're Mc'Kenna'd

18. (9) We're Mc'Kenna'd

Joel Weir (2nd) and Morrison Borders (2nd)

Our scouts were off a little bit with these guys. They played a tough second round game againstTwo T's, but after that their skills disappeared. They were heard all over the forum prior to the tourney....but then again that was talking about how good their wives would do. At least they got that right.

Spoiling Golf Swings

19. (8) Spoiling Golf Swings 

David Toth(4th) and Jeremy Fox (4th) 

Fox found out a few days before the tourney that his long-time teammate Chris Lake would be out for this year. Our scouts went hard to work and found Toth as a replacement. These guys played an extremely tough game against No Practice, No Problem, before losing 0-4. They were able to pull out a victory in the toilet bowl. Ironically, no Laker, no big 50/50 prize for Fox. On a side note, huge, huge, thanks to David Lee Toth for all of his help at the 2008 Curves. He was a setting up and tearing down beast. Also, outstanding performance by D.L.T. in the home run derby and at the local bars after the tourney.

Team Train Wreck

20. (15) Team Train Wreck

Brent Kozel (3rd) and Dave Carr (3rd)

Where have the WB skills gone for this team? In 2006, their first year, they put forth a solid fifth place finish. Since then, things have gone down hill with a 16th place finish last year and a 20th place finish this year. To their credit, they lost close games to two of the top eight teams before getting knocked out in the Toilet Bowl. At least they have fun and drink plenty of beer, which are two key parts of the Curves motto.

Freeway Fritz

21. (21) Freeway Fritz 

Joe Lafferty (4th) and Mike Flaherty (4th)

This is the third team that our scouts accurately predicted the finish for in the tourney. Pretty impressive, we know. The duo was back for their fourth tourney, and unfortunately struggled with their hitting all day. We'll blame it on bad beer and the somewhat long drive to the Muth. We know Flaherty will be back, but we're a little concerned about Lafferty since he is getting married in September of '09. Good luck Joe!

Fire Millen

22. (23) Fire Millen 

Chris Rowe (1st) and Chris Weiss (1st)

This was one of our two teams to suffer an early injury. Rowe left his keys in his pocket and suffered a slight leg puncture while diving. He was able to continue batting, but Mark Johnston ofTeam Monkey Wrench had to fill in for the pitching and hitting. Our scouts were not surprised to see that Weiss looks like he has the stuff to be a solid WB player.

Schrute Farms

23. (10) Schrute Farms

Caleb Garrett (2nd) and Jeff Gaisor (2nd)

Certainly this was probably a disappointing finish for Schrute Farms, but they were much closer to being successful then the 23rd place finish shows. They played a very competitive first round game against Two T's and then lost an extra inning heart breaker to Serve the Curve. We expect that these two Hoosiers will be back in '09 for another run.

Babes for Boobs

The Lovely Ladies

Great job to all of our ladies. This was our third female tournament and it was the biggest and best so far. We're pretty sure the size will grow again next year.

1. (2) Babes for Boobs 
Tracy Borders (1st) and Natalie Weir (1st)

These ladies made a bang in their first Curves by not only winning it all, but also going undefeated. They played strong defense all day and came up with big hits again and again. They defeated A Shot in the Arm to secure the title. They had one of the loudest cheering sections, which is amazing since their cheering section consisted of only two people. Our scouts have no doubt that these ladies could easily defeat their husbands in WB.
A Shot in the Arm

2. (1) A "Shot" in the "Arm" 

Lisa Berthold (3rd) and Kristin Toth (3rd)

Lisa B and Kiki put forth a great effort, despite both being without their usual partners. Both ladies' original partners were pregnant and unable to play. Congrats to Jenny and Dave Bec on the birth of their daughter Grace. The duo picked up two wins against the Boobsey Twins, but were unable to knock off Babes for Boobs. Our scouts witnessed Kiki knock out a grand slam and saw Lisa B's pitching greatly improve as the tourney progressed. Thanks to Lisa B. for her sponsor connections and to Kiki for being so supportive of Curves.
The Boobsey Twins

3. (6) The Boobsie Twins 

Amber Webb (1st) and Heather Brennan (1st)

The Boobsie Twins were a late addition to the tourney, but the scouting department is glad they made it. Not only did they play solid WB, they were one game away from the finals, but they also captured the "spirit" of Curves with their outstanding uniforms. These ladies seemed to have a great time and they are committed to be back for '09. Will they be able to come up with better uniforms?
Throwing like Girls for Girls

4. (3) Throwing Like Girls, For Girls 

Shauna Dillard (2nd), Jen LeDuc (2nd) and Meegan Winters (1st)

The trio is probably not happy with the results, but they were the closest team to defeating the champs. They dropped their second round game 2 to 6 vs. Babes for Boobs. The ladies bounced back with a win before dropping a 1 run loss to the Boobsie Twins. Once again the ladies showed off outstanding color coordination with their uniforms. Next year there is an award for best unis, so look out.

WB Wenches

5. (5) WB Wenches 

Sara Johnston (1st) and Lori Keyes (1st)

These ladies spent a good deal of time practicing on Friday night while the scouts were hard at work...or drinking. For a first year team they put forth a great effort and should be back for a strong second year performance. They lost two close games to the Boobsie Twins. A big thank you to Sara J. for helping with the clean-up duties on Sunday morning.
Aunts R Us

6. (4) Aunts R Us 

Amie Toth (3rd) and Michelle Stackpoole (2nd)

These two extraordinary aunts seemed to have a great time, despite their lack of success. However, it is clear their WB skills are improving. Our scouting department noticed a couple of great catches and big hits from these ladies. They both continue to excel in helping the tournament in other ways: Amie is our official photographer and MicStack is a huge help in watching two very important little kids, as well as our water supplier. Perhaps their success will change if we reduce some of their responsibilities.

Dutch and Clutch

The Seniors

1. (2) Dutch and Clutch 

Pete VanderHaar (1st) and John Lewis (1st)

Our first attempt at a seniors' tourney was a big hit. There was good WB, but more importantly, there was the traditional griping about guys not swinging. Nice to see the seniors are the same as the rest of us.

After losing in the second round to Legendary Wine, these guys seemed like a different team. They rallied for three straight wins to claim the first ever Curves for the Cure senior championship. Lewis pitched solid all day and the duo had the right chemistry to pull out the title. Next year they will have the pressure of trying to defend their title. Huge props to Vanderhaar for mowing the fields on Friday!

Lengendary Wine

2. (1) Legendary Wine 

Jim Durand (2nd) and Joe Toth (2nd)

These guys had a great start and ran away with the winner's bracket. Jimmy D. made one of the best catches of the day. All they had to do was knock off Dutch and Clutch in the championship, but it wasn't meant to be. They had a feeling that if they didn't win, they would lose to Lewis and Vanderhaar. Something about Lewis being 49 and these two being over 60. Anyway, we are sure that this duo will work hard in the off season and be ready for revenge in '09. On a side note, thanks to Joe "The Legend" Toth for all of his hard work in building the new fences and making the move to Frankenmuth a smooth one.

Double J

3. (3) Double J 

John Bender (1st) and John Compton (1st)

These guys get the third place nod, but we would have loved to see them match up against Ye Olde English D'sDouble J might not have had much success on the field, but they were integral parts of getting the tourney going. Compton helped build all the easels for posters and his truck was constantly borrowed, while Bender's Gilroys Hardware Store in Muth came through with all the pvc requirements for the fences .

Ye Olde English D's

4. (4) Ye Olde English D's 

Tim Daoust (1st) and Dave Johnston (1st)

An unfortunate accident cut this team's day short. Daoust broke his ankle in two spots and had to be carted off the field. To his credit, he was back by the end of the night enjoying the rest of the tourney. The injury gave Johnston plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the sights of quality WB action on his property. Or to try and figure how in the world he is going to fix his lawn after the tourney. Thanks Mr. J for allowing us to use the fields!

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