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The Men

Two in a row for Tyler Hooks. Will he get the three-peat?

1. (2) Anal Hershiser

Tyler Hooks (2nd), Craig LeDuc (8th), and Mark Hooks (9th)

Tyler Hooks picked up his second straight first place trophy and Craig and Mark no longer have the title of best team never to win the trophy. The trio pitched well all day and played unselfish WB en route to the title. The two key W’s were one run wins against The Reunion Tour. Expect a strong title defense in 2013.

2. (1) The Reunion Tour

Ron Pare (5th) and Travis Schultz (6th)

The tour proved to be a good one, as the duo recorded another top 2 finish. In their five years together, they have three titles and two second place finishes. Certainly, an impressive resume. Look out to the rest of the field, because the last time they finished 2nd they came back and won the next two tourneys.


3. (4) The Master Batters

Chris Quackenbush (3rd) and Jason Kanarky (4th)

They dropped their first round game 0-8 against Anal Hershiser, but then rallied to win seven straight games, before dropping a 3-4 game to the Reunion Tour. These guys have come along way in two years since their 2010 Toilet Bowl Championship. They now have a third and fourth place finish and have the potential, with a better draw, to win it all in 2013.

4. (13) Whiffney Houston

David Seales (1st) and Adam Jerry (2)

Jerry’s addition of Seales turned out to be a solid acquisition and could cause a problem for Evan Winters. Perhaps there is a three person team in the making? Any way, they defeated two powerhouses in the Swinging Cocks and Very Handsomes and their only losses were to the Reunion Tour and Master Batters. Watch out for this team next year, because their five wins were by a combined 49 runs.

5. (6) The Hackaholics

Joel Wollborg and Jeff Willman (4th)

J and J continue their impressive Curves performances, earning their fourth top ten finish and their first appearance in the top 5. The won a tightly contested first round game against Serve the Curve and made the final four of the winner’s bracket before dropping their final two games to two Top 4 teams.

6. (23) Here for Beer

Tom Downs (3rd) and Derek Degroat (1st)

Downs began his Curves career finishing in 28th place. Last year he moved up to 22nd This year he added DeGroat and they won their first three games before losing a tough 0-3 game to The Reunion Tour. If they keep this team in tact, t looks like they might be on the rise in future tournaments.

7. (11) Chin Music

Matt Vargo (4th) and Matt Douglass (3rd)

The return of Matt and Matt was a success, as the men of Chin Music earned their highest ranking. They won three straight in the losers’ bracket before bowing out with a one-run loss to the Master Batters. As a matter of fact, there two losses were by a combined 2 runs and their four wins were by a combined six runs. It seems these guys like playing in close games.

8. (9) Ladies Gym T-Shirts

Brian Perry (6th) and John David Kuhar (4th)

It looked like it was going to be a bad game for these two, as they dropped their first game 0-11 to the Swinging Cocks and were trailing 0-6 against The Very Handsomes. But an injury gave them a W and they rallied to pick up three more wins before bowing out to Whiffney Houston. The nice run gave Perry bragging rights over his former teammates.

9. (14) Breast of the Breast

Anthony Collins and Jeremy Soldan (1st)

The Breast had the best showing of any first year team. They started with a nice W before dropping a one run game to the Hackaholics. They rallied for two more wins before losing 7-12 to Whiffney Houston, which considering WH’s margins of victories, was a very close game. Look for potential improvement now that they have a year of experience under their belt.

10. (10) Serve the Curve

Ben Taylor and Josh Swartz (5th)

It was another tough opening game for the Serve, dropping a 9 to 11game to the Hackaholics. This year was different, though, as they rallied for three straight wins before dropping a two run game to Chin Music. The tenth place finish gives these guys their fourth top ten finish in five years.

11. (21) No Name Yet

Walt aka "Duke" White (5th) and Grant Pringle (1st)

They went by the team name of Duke all day, and it seemed to pay off. This was Duke's best finish in his five years at Curves. More impressively, he removed all doubt as to whether his team or his son's should be rated higher in the scouting report....for this year, at least.

12. (5) Swinging Cocks (Roosters that is)

Kevin Timmins and Michael Pizzuti (6th)

The SC's came out on fire during their first game and looked poised to make a run. Their second game proved to be different, as they dropped a tough 12-13 game to Whiffney Houston. Who knows what could have happened had they won this game. Unfortunately, the loss seemed to take it's toll as they dropped their next game to the Master Batters and bowed out of the tourney. Expect a solid return in 2013.

13. (17) Madison Heights Rats

Adam Hallman, Rick Hallman, and Brandon Brubaker (1st)

A solid showing for these Curves rookies. They started with a thrilling W in a 17-16 battle vs. Noonan Lake. They then beat Silver Dollar before dropping a 20-21 marathon vs. Here 4 Beer. Their final loss was another one run game. These guy have the bats to put up huge runs, and they should be poised to make a run next year.

14. (7) Silver Dollar and Baby Toe

Dustin Looper (4th) and Jeff Gaisor (6th)

Our scouts thought these guys had a bad year last and we would bounce back with a strong performance this year. They started with a 10-0 victory, but then dropped their next two games. Next year will be a telling year for these Hoosiers. Do they still have what it takes to be a top 10 team, or have they reached their peak?

15. (8) The Pelee Islanders

Brian Toth (7th), Brian Stackpoole (9th), and Kevin Stackpoole (9th)

The reunion of the 2004 Pelee Islanders was not as successful as their first tourney together in Rockford. They started the day with a nice W, but dropped two straight games to Anal Hershiser and Chin Music. The reunion might be short lived, as Rob Durand has stated he is coming back for the 2013 tourney. We shall see about that.

16. (19) All Balls

Chris Lake (7th) and Jeremy Fox (8th)

The men of All Balls had one of their better tourneys in recent years. They hung with The Reunion Tour and picked up a nice W against Beer Battered. Laker once again dazzled the late night crowd with his HR Derby skills, collecting his fourth title. Also, huge props to Laker for coordinating the kids tournament.

17. (20) Shiva Blast

Craig Elliot (2nd), Russ White (5th) and Jason Williams (2nd)

Things were looking good for Shiva as the day started. They had a first round bye, picked up a victory over Whiff This, but then they dropped their next two games. Unfortunately Russ will have to listen to his dad brag until next year. Huge props to Russ and his company Storage Pros for joining the list of Curves sponsors.

18. (22) Wiffle House

Mike Rudy (3rd) and Brian Henry (1st)

Henry filled in nicely as a replacement for Joel Weir, who was a replacement of Chris Bisha. There might need to be a three man team next year. They dropped their first two games, but rallied to win three straight to claim the 2012 Toilet Bowl Championship.

19. (15) Boesch.O

Travis Bravener and Adam Pacheco (1st)

.O had the tough task of starting their Curves career taking on the three time champs known as The Reunion Tour. They dropped that one, but bounced back with a nice win over TDubs before losing a close game to the Master Batters. These guys got some good experience against tough teams which should make them better next year.



20. (12) Beer Battered

David Perry (3), Ryan Dauzet (1) and Kevin Burr (3),

The men of BB were ready for a long day of WB, food, and beer. They had their tent set and ready to go before 8:00 AM. And their first game, a 17-0 W over T-Dubs, put them on the right track. The bad news is they dropped their next two games and took the tent down. They are hoping next year the tent stays up all day.

21. (18) Wiff This

Michael Flaherty (8th), Aaron Ciborowski (1st), and Michael Belisle (2nd)

Flaherty and Belisle looked to build on momentum from last year and they started the day with a W over The Rubber Men. They dropped their next two games to two teams consisting of former members of the Belsay Road Bandits. Last year Belisle's wife played with the team, but she was unavailable so they added Ciborowski. Last year they finished 16th. This year 21st. Just saying:) Congrats to Belisle and Tedi on the new addition to their family.

22. (27) Lake Callanan

James Lake (2nd) and Mike Callanan(1st)

These guys began the day with a marathon thriller against the MH Rats, losing a tough 16-17 game. They bounced back nicely with a win over the Double D's, before dropping their final game of the day. Hopefully these guys will be back in 2013 to give it another shot.

23. (24) The J Band

Chris Johnston (8th), Allen McDaniel (1st), and Mark Johnston (8th)

A solid start for The J Band plus McDaniel, as they won a one-run thriller vs. Rogner and Glowiak. Unfortunately, they lost their next two games to end their day. One of these years their wish of getting to the Toilet Bowl and winning it will come true. Thanks to McDaniel for joining us all the way from Texas and we hope to have him back next year.

24. (16) The Rubber Men

Nick Asman, Tom Poznick, and Marty Strauch (1st)

First of all, these guys almost wore costumes resembling the Gimp from Pulp Fiction. That would have definitely given them the best team uniform award, but it would have probably scared all the kids. As for WB, they lost their first two games, but they showed potential hanging tough with Chin Music and winning two games in the Toilet Bowl. Look for these guys to have a stronger finish in 2013.

25. (28) Rogner and Glowiak

Kevin Rogner and Andy Glowiak (1st)

A late addition to the tourney, R and G played strong for a first year team. Sure, they lost all three of their games, but they got better as the day progressed and kept it close against the number 3 seed Master Batters, only losing 7-12. Perhaps they will add Marc W from the senior division in 2013 to boost their chances.

26. (25) Double D's

David Toth (8th) and Dan Breathour (3rd)

In terms of WB, it was a rough year for the Double D's. Their only win came in the Toilet Bowl vs. a team that was injured and could not play. The good news is they've been having a good summer watching quality concerts, including Def Leppard, Poison, and Lita Ford. Hopefully they save a little energy for a big trip to Madison, WI.

27. (26) TDubs

Scott Hapworth (3rd) and Jim Gatza (2nd)

It was a rough day for the men of T-Dub's. They lost their first two games by a combined score of 2-29. The addition of Horton must have come to late, because they were unable to make a run in the toilet bowl. The good news is the guys can still make outstanding pizza.

28-Injured. (3) The Very Handsomes

Pete Lamerato (6th) and Chris Grzegorczyk (9th)

The morning started with a surprise 2-12 loss to Whiffney Houston, but it looked like things were coming back during game two as they grew a 6-0 lead on Ladies Gym Shirts. Unfortunately Chris G. suffered a back injury that ended their day. Obviously this is not a 28th place team and we expect them to come back strong in 2013 as G looks to join three others as the only players to play in all ten Curves.

The Lovely Ladies

Impressive job by our scouting department. The top three were right on and others were very close.

1. (1) Barely B's and Double D's

Danielle Soria (2nd) and Heather Brennan (5th)

It was the second straight year these two played together, and it was their second straight championship. This one was probably a little harder than the last, as they dropped a third round game and had to work their way through the losers' bracket. They did, and met Angels in the Outfield, who they beat twice to claim the title. Brennan becomes the first female to claim three titles.

2. (2) Angels in the Outfield

Shauna Dillard (6th), Karlee Hooks (3rd), and Jen LeDuc (6th)

Jen and Shauna added Karlee with hopes of winning it all, and things looked great from the get go. The Angels coasted to the championship game, but then they ran into the red hot Barely B's and Double D's. Regardless, a solid showing for the ladies. They also claimed another title in the best uniform competition.

3. (3) Jug-Or-Nots

Marla Vanwormer and Melissa McGovern (2nd)

These two Muthers are on to something good. They debuted last year with a fourth place finish and this year came in third. Notice a trend? It looked like they might claim the crown as they won their first three games, including a 4-2 victory over the champions. They lost to the Angels and then loss a one-run rematch against the champs.

4. (11) Fun Bag Floozies

Amy Childers and Jennifer Jewett (1st)

This is the one team our scouts messed up, but in reality we knew nothing and these two ladies gave us no information. They did represent all day and were seen with cold beverages in hand at all times. Solid! Their debut was a success, collecting two W's and their two losses were to the first and second place team. They should come back strong in 2013.

5. (4) Besties for Breasties

Courtney Knox (2nd) and Katie Parish (1st)

Knox returned for her second tourney and teamed with Parish this time. They won their second game, and to their credit, their only two losses of the tourney were against the 1st and 2nd place teams. Perhaps a better draw in 2013 will lead to more success.

6. (7) Beauty and the Breasts

Paula Dietz and Megan Flaherty (2nd)

These two youngsters returned for their second Curves and finished two spots better than in 2011. If they keep this trend going, they will finish first in three years. They did pick up two nice wins before dropping their final game against Besties. This was our second team (seem Beer Battered) that brought the tent that didn't get used. Apparently the WB action must make teams long for their own beds.

7 (5) Save Man's Best Friend

Meredith Schloegel (2nd) , Lisa Berthold (7th), and Jennifer Bjorkman (5th)

These three started slowly, but rallied for two straight wins. Then they played an incredible game, losing to the FB Floozies 23-29. We have a feeling a few records may have been set during that game. One thing is for sure, and that is Lisa B will back next year to keep her honor as the female to play in all Curves tourneys.

8. (10) Bosom Buddies

Amanda Pata and Courtney West (1st)

The Buddies made their debut this year and earned a tough draw by having to face the Angels in the Outfield. They bounced back from the loss with a 21-7 (good football score) victory over Two Handfulls. We always say teams make their biggest improvements from year one to year two, so we expect to see this team improved in 2013.

9. (6) Triple D

Donna Schaffer (2nd), Darlene Dull (1st), and Debbie Washington (2nd)

Our three Hungarian friends, who traveled from great lengths, won their second straight Toilet Bowl Championship. Ironically, their story is very similar to last year: They lost their first round game to a good team by one point, lost their second game, but rallied to win the TB. Perhaps they just like winning trophies and figure the Toilet Bowl is the easiest to win. Anyway, be sure to check out their better picture on the Awards page. Love the hair ladies.

10. (9) Two Handfulls

Autumn Gaisor and Chrissy Asher (1st)

First, great shirts and creative team name. These ladies were close to winning best team name and best uniform. It was nice to have Autumn join us after years of watching from the side. Of course, the ladies represented by camping out with their silver friend nearby. As for WB, their only victory was in the Toilet Bowl, but it could be the start of something good.

11. (8) Fight Like a Girl

Michelle Gatza (2nd) and Sarah Johnston (3rd)

The Fighters once again put up a strong fight, but came up on the short end in regards to WB. Their best performance was a 7-11 loss in the semis of the Toilet Bowl. Regardless, the ladies once again showed great attitudes and were seen continuing their tradition of having fun while playing.

The Seniors

Another year, another title for Morrison Hotel.


1. (1) Morrison Hotel

Keith Hooks and Mark Hooks (4th)

Someday, when they (not sure who, but someone) write a book about Curves, Morrison Hotel will have its own chapter. Since entering the senior tourney four years ago they have completely owned it. They never faced a real challenge again this year and should be poised to make a run at a fifth title, unless of course Keith joins forces with Tyler in the male division?????

2. (4) Manhattan Mayhem

Joe Toth (6th) and Marc Watkins (4th)

First of all, amazing team photo. Second, not sure if anyone saw this team coming in second. They've never played together, but their chemistry looked strong all day. Their biggest win had to be the first game of the day as they defeated Rack Attack 7-6. It will be interesting to see if these guys are together in 2013 or if Jimmy D. will reappear with another redhead wonder.

3. (3) Hair Raisers

Tim Gilmour and Lynn Stamaris (3rd)

Well, considering how their first game went, a 0-21 defeat to Morrison Hotel, finishing third is pretty impressive. The loss must have bothered them because they dropped a 21-1 victory over the Olde English D's the next game. They went on to win two more games before bowing out. Big thanks to Tim G. for joining our Sunday morning cleanup crew.

4. (6) F and D

Dennis Arvanitis (2nd) and Floyd Haubenstricker (3rd)

We think these guys might be on to something good, in regards to pitching and defense. Outside of their Morrison Hotel game, they only gave up six runs in their other three games. If they can boost their offense over the winter, they might be able to move up the rankings in 2013.

5. (7) Dudd'N Inspectors

Al Weiss (3rd) and John Compton (4th)

Big John said their goal was to win one game. Well they came out and defeated Stackalicious in Round One before dropping their next two games. Good plan. Perhaps next year they should try and win two or three games? As always, big thanks to these two for their stellar work before,during, and after the tourney.

6. (5) Stackalicious

Bill Stackpoole (4th) and Joe Stackpoole (3rd)

Another team that deserves a huge thanks for all of their before, during and after help at Curves. Uncle Joe once again made the trek from Washington to join us. Their pitching and defense was solid once again, but their bats did not show up this year. In their three games they scored a total of three runs. Perhaps more practice with Mee Mou and the Snake at Papa's Thursday barbeque in 2013 will make the difference.

7. (2) Rack Attack

John Lewis and Pete Vanderhaar (5th)

What a difference one run can make? Perhaps if they beat Manhattan Mayhem by one instead of losing the tourney might have ended differently. The good news is they rallied to claim the 2012 Senior Toilet Bowl Championship. Thanks to Pete V. again for being a setup crew member and we look forward to the possibility of Pete Jr. joining Curves in 2013.

8. (8) Olde English D's

Tim Daoust and Dave Johnston (5th)

It looks like (from the picture) we might have some more seniors joining in 2013? As for the D's and WB, it was a rough day. Mr. J. didn't like our scouts projection, but apparently they had some inside information. They had some chances to claim a W, but it just didn't work out. We have a feeling next year will be more like 2011, when they won two games to claim the Toilet Bowl Championship.


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