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The First 12

1. (1) The Bomb Squad

Roger Christensen (6th), Craig LeDuc (12) and Tyler Hooks (8th)

In the history of CFTC, no duo has been better than Roger and Tyler. LeDuc was a solid addition for their final title run, which was one of their toughest as they dropped a pool game and were taken to extra innings in Round 2 of the A Bracket. Congrats on a great run to this squad.

2. (3) Waffle Ball

Brendan Radoicic (6th) and Dominic Mora (2nd)

So close. They shutout the hottest team of the day, The Swinging Cocks, 4-0 to advance to the finals. It looked like these guys had everything going their way, but they just could not get past The Bomb Squad.

3. (6) Swinging Cocks (Roosters that is)

Michael Pizzuti (12th), Gabe Timmins (2nd), and Kevin Timmins (12th)

Young Gabe stole the show in pool play as the SC's went undefeated, including a 1-0 victory over the eventual champions. It was a great run but, they fell just short of claiming their first title.

4. (5) Roger and Tyler 2.0

Kaden Horton (1st) Christian McDaniel (6th)

Perhaps the quietest team at the tourney, well at least Kaden, these guys looked dominate by going 3-0 in pool play and only allowing six runs. The bad news is they had to play their namesakes in the semis and that ended their run.

5. (10) Team Undefeated

Logan Bursick-Harrington and Anthony Aloisio (1st)

If CFTC was to continue, these guys might be the best (or second best) chance of dethroning The Bomb Squad. They went 3-0 in pool play and allowed just three runs, setting up a 2nd round showdown with the eventual champions. They lost a heartbreaker in extra innings.
6. (2) The Semi Green Artichokes

Joey Greiner (5th), Ross Gleason (5th), and Brandon Brubaker (6th)

Well, they had the glorious run in 2016, but never quite got back to that form. They still had a strong day going 3-0 in pool play, but just couldn't get the offense going in their last game as they dropped a 0-13 decision to Waffle Ball.

7. (4) Serve the Curve

Josh Swartz and Ben Taylor (9th)

A solid showing by these veterans of CFTC. They gave up the least amount of runs in their pool, but ran into the Swinging Cocks, who were still red hot at the time, in the bracket. Huge shoutout to Josh's dad for the donations at this year's event!

8. (9) Wiffle House

Jeff Radoicic (6th) and Mike Rudy (8th)

A solid showing in pool play landed these guys in another one run thriller against Bald and the Balding. This time they got a better outcome winning the game 5-4. They hung tough with Roger and Tyler 2.0 before bowing out. Big thanks to Jeff for the cool CFTC memorabilia jerseys!

9. (7) Bald and the Balding

Greg Downey (6th) and Brian Toth (11th)

A decent run in pool play by these veterans was followed by a tough one run loss to the Wiffle House. Is it possible they might be seen playing wiffle ball in an over 40 division in Milford? We shall see.



10. (11) Pain Don't Hurt

Bryan Southwick (3rd) and Derek DeGroat (7th)

They took care of business in pool play earning a spot to the A bracket. The bad news they drew Waffle Ball, their second time having to play the youngsters. They made it a closer game the second time with a 3-8 loss.

11. (8) Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Anthony Collins (7th) and Jeremy Soldan (7th)

After last year's Top 5 finish, these two took a slight step backwards but still went 2-1 in pool play and lost a tough 3-4 decision to Bald and the Balding. They still made it to the A bracket, but once again, met the Bomb Squad.

12. (18) Polack Park Bears

Mark Thomas (1st) and Chris Thomas (3rd)

Chris made a solid acquisition by adding Mark. The duo went 2-1 in pool play, only allowing 7 runs to earn a spot in the A bracket. They bowed out with a tough loss to Serve the Curve.


The Second 12


13. (14) Rats

Justin Leimbeck (3rd) and Adam Hallman (7th)

The Rats went 1-2 in their pool, but then went on an impressive run to claim the B Flight Championship. Their offense came alive in the semis as they defeated the JV Squad 18-4 before beating the Wet Bandits to claim the hardware.


14. (13) The Wet Bandits

Marty Strauch (7th) and Joel Wollborg (10th)

Last year the WB's made a run into the A bracket and this year they made a run all the way to the B Flight Championship. They used a thrilling 7-6 win over Beattie Pools to get ther, but could not beat the pesty Rats.

15. (20) JV Squad

Drew Arvanitis (2nd) and Cole Chase (1st)

Certainly an impressive performance for one of our yongest teams. They picked up a win in pool play and another in the bracket before dropping a 14-18 decsion to the eventual champions. Great to have Drew back at Johnston Fields.

16. (21) Night Rangers

Joseph Bjorkman (3rd), David Toth (13th), and Dan Breathour (8th)

Such and impressive day for these guys who typically are one of the last ranked teams. They won two games, which is a record, and young Joe Bjorkman looked like a future WB star at times.

17. (23) Beattie Pools

Jeff Beattie, Blake Beattie, and Clark Beattie (1st)

They were a late addition to the tourney, but the youngsters and their father did great. They picked up two wins and dropped a tough 6-7 game to the Wet Bandits, knocking them out of the tourney.

18. (16) Harlan Drive Hustlers

Chris Johnston (13th), Eric Horton (10th), and Mark Johnston (13th)

Well, they didn't get the best team name, but they probably should have. And Horton was definintely a candidate for the long forgotten award known as Mr. Hustle. They had a plan to win the B bracket, but didn't quite make it happen despite picking up one win. No comment on who their final opponent was that knocked them out of the bracket:)

19. (22) You Are Going to Win

Matt Walraven and Kyle Randolph (5th)

Congrats to these now somewhat veterans on their first career W. More impressively. they almost knocked out the Rats in round 2 of the B bracket, dropping a 2-4 decision in front of the home crowd. Huge thanks to Kyle and all the Randolph's/Beattie's for the continued support!

20. (17) Plastic Boys

Tim Young (1st) and Tom Poznick (7th)

Tim made a solid debut at CFTC using his lefty skills. They went 0-3 in pool play, but picked up their first W against Duke before dropping their final game to Night Ranger.

21. (15) Duke

Duke White (11th) and Russ White (7th)

Duke was back for his 11th tourney and brought Russ along for one last ride. They didn't pick up any W's on this day, but they've had some good runs at past CFTC's.

22. (12) Team Participation Ribbon

Seth McDaniel (5th) and Trevor Johnston (1st)

Clearly our scouts over estimated the young duo based on Seth's past performances. Perhaps this means his older brother is that much better? Or SJ and Trevor were focused on having a good time and making others happy?

23. (24) The Young and the Restless

Alan McDaniel, Brendan O'Connor, and Doug Palmer

We appreciate all three members of this team jumping in at the last moment to be team #23. They appeared to have fun and there were no injuries, so thanks again!

24. (19) Highlifers

Rick Hallman (5th) and Brian Wummel (1st)

It just wasn't there day, as the Highlifers went 0-4. They did seem to get better, as their last game, a 3-8 loss to Beattie Pools, was their best showing of the day.


The Lovely Ladies

1. (2) Nips Ahoy

Julie Hoffman (5th), Lisa Berthold (13th), and Jennifer Bjorkman (11th)

They saved their best for last. This trio has been close to a title in the past and they final got their championship at the last CFTC. In an amazing stat, they won all of their games by one run. Clearly they know how to play in the clutch. Congrats to the Nips.

2. (3) The Tumor-Nators

Karlee Hooks (8th) and Jen LeDuc (10th)

The Nators started out with a loss, but then went on a stellar run winning three straight games to advance to the finals. They were close, dropping an 8-9 decision in the championship. Big thanks to Karlee for all the silent auction donations!

3. (1) Boobie Bunch

Taylor Toth (3rd) andLexi Berthold (5th)

It sounds like Aunt Kiki may have to sit this one out, but the dynamic duo of Tay and Lex will be tough to beat. It is hard to beat youth at CFTC. That being said, there are a few teams who can take down the Bunch, so it should be a tough path back to the title.

4. (5) Cure-ibbean

Courtney Knox Edwards (7th), Katie Parish (6th), and Tracy Barker (4th)

This trio started strong with a W and then dropped a 0-1 game to the eventual champions. They picked up another W in the losers' bracket before bowing out to the Tumor Nators.

5. (4) Return of the Shockers

Melissa Shafer (2nd), Olivia Goff (1st), and Rachel Toth-Palmer (2nd)

A solid showing on their return and young Goff showed some flashes. They picked up two W's before dropping a tough 3-4 decision to Cure-ibbean. On a positive, they threw a great anniversary party the evening before CFTC.

6. (8) Scared Hitless

Kathleen Wilhelm (2nd) and Michele Miller (3rd)

This duo picked up a solid win before dropping a 0-1 toughie to the Boobie Bunch. It was an improved effort over their debut in 2017 and if CFTC was continuing, they might be a force to be reckoned with.....

7. (7) Chest Puppies

Lauren DeLisle, Holly Hallman, and Leah Boundy (2nd)

The Chest Puppies made a run to claim the 2018 Ladies Toilet Bowl Championship by defeating the Jug or Nots. We have your third trophy, just need to get it to you.............

8. (6) Jug or Nots

Marla Vanwormer and Melissa McGovern (6th)

One of our all time favorites did not have their A games this year. They did hang tough in the Toilet Bowl Championship, but eventually lost a 5-6 heartbreaker.

9. (9) Faith, Love, Hope, and Strength

Keturah Becker and Michelle McKendry (2nd)

They didn't dominate on the fields as perhaps they wanted, but it was nice to see this duo back for the first time since 2013. Thanks to Michelle with all the help with Durand Bikes!

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