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The talent pool in this year's tourney increased significantly.  There were at least ten teams that had a real shot at the title. The Number is parentheses was the scouting reports prediction.

From Russia With Love

1. (1) From Russia with Love

Brian Toth and Rob Durand

Despite trying to avoid doing it again, these guys continued their pattern of falling behind and having to battle back. Their best comeback was against Craig and the Fatman, who they trailed 5-10 in the bottom of the 5th. Once again, the red-headed wonder came up with clutch hits, while Toth handled the majority of the pitching. 

Bean Counters Plus

2. (12) Bean Counters Plus

Andy Hopfinger and Dale Gilmore

This team was totally underrated by the scouting department.  After dropping a close game in the third round, they had to battle through the losers' bracket, beating a lot of good teams.  Their pitching was tough to hit and they probably had more homers than any other team. They were able to comeback and beat From Russia to force a second championship game, but it looked like the long journey took its toll.. 

Boom Goes the Dynamite

3. (2) Boom goes the Dynamite

Brian Stackpoole and Kevin Stackpoole

The brothers' Stack put forth another strong showing. Not only were they two major members of the grounds' crew, but their game was solid as well. Their arms propelled them to the number three spot, but they had a an early premonition that their bats might not be there when needed. Kevin took home the award as best pitcher for the second straight year.  

Gloves are Off

4. (13) Gloves Are Off!!!

Kevin Burr, Brian Perry, and Dave Perry

Another highly underrated team, these cats almost pulled out the championship.  They had Russia on the ropes, but were unable to pull out the W.  Burr and the Perry bro's finished the highest of any first year team, and are going to be a force to reckon with in the future.  Give props to Dave Perry, who took the "Red-Eye" in from Vegas the night before.


5. (5) The Liger's

Chad Rinke and Jared Jaeutis

Without a doubt, this first year team created the most early morning buzz.  Their arms had everyone intimated, and they used those arms to put forth a strong fifth place showing.  Perhaps they used too much in the early games, but these two will be back next year and should be very dangerous.

Mavis and Butthead

6. (6) Mavis and Butthead

Tom Mavis and Mike Dennis

Another first year team that put forth a good showing. Dennis, clad in his Kirby Puckett cleats, looked solid as he south-pawed down opposing batters.  Perhaps a little more, or maybe less of the red cups will help this team reach the top next year. (it is usually a little more that does the trick!)

Longway Body Shop

7. (4) Longway Body Shop

Eric Horton and Mark Trombly

Despite all the pre-tourney talk, Horton's tendency the miss the plate was still there.  The scary sign for the rest of the field is that he admitted it, and now he will probably start working on getting the ball over the plate.  They had one of the most entertaining innings, in which they trailed the Ligers 17-14 after the first.

Miyagi know Wiffle

8. (10) Miyagi know Wiffle

Chris Grzegorczyk and John Locke

Improvement was shown this year by Miyagi.  After winning the 04' toilet bowl, they had some nice wins this year before bowing out. The hardest part for the duo will be listening to their Bay City comrades, Bean Counters, talk trash about who finished higher.

Slamalama DING DONG

9. (3) Slamalama DING DONG

Greg Downey, Paul Bursick, and Andy Schumaker

The scouting department over-rated this a team a little, at least by the final result. In reality, they were very close to finishing higher, but it just didn't happen.  Look for Downey to tweak things in the off-season to try and make the team stronger. Bursick continued his hardware collection by winning the best defensive player award and Schumaker looked solid for a first year player.


10. (15) Munsoned

Chris Lake and Jeremy Fox

This team improved each game, and should be a tough out next year.  Their first game was a heartbreaking loss to Ding Dong, but they bounced back and made a nice run.  They seemed to be a very serious team that learned more and more each game.  Laker's two boys put on a pretty good show during the HR derby, and in 15 years, they might be champs!

Momma's Boys

11. (16) Momma's Boys

Chris Johnston and Mark Johnston

The Johnston brothers put together a strong showing in their first appearance.  Both proved to be better pitchers than the scouting department gave them credit for. Now that they know how things work, look out.  They seemed motivated for next year as the left Sunday morning, or perhaps they just wanted to sleep in a bed and not a tent.  

Bud and Studd

12. (7) Bud and Stud

Rob Berthold and Jody Levingston

A strong showing for one of our older teams, this experienced duo looked better than the previous year.  The schedule was a little more kind on their legs, but the pitches weren't there when they needed them.  

Craig and the Fatman

13. (9) Craig and the Fatman

Craig LeDuc and Mark Hooks

Don't let the thirteen place fool you.  These guys were up 10-5 in the 5th against From Russia with Love, and lost by one to Munsoned.  They proved to have two solid arms, and had plenty of pop at the plate.  This guys will be back next year and should be tough to beat.

Sic and the Cougar

14.  (11) Sic and the Cougar

Greg Larson and Keith Macuga

The tandem was the first to be officially eliminated even though they did win a game. Coug was a huge help on Friday with the setup while Lars picked up the award for Mr. Hustle.

Bad News Bears

15. (8) Bad News Bears

Steve Hinderer and Pat Dubreuil

After a slow start, the BNB bounced back to claim this year's toilet bowl.  The early schedule was unkind, but they got better each game.  Near the end Dubreuil looked like he was back to his 04' form and Hinderer was beginning to look like a crafty veteran.

David to David

16. (18) David to David

Kurt David and Alan DeZell

A last minute line-up change may have helped this team reach the Toilet Bowl final.  Once again, Kurt used his height to keep a leg up on the competition.

Mr. V and the T.A.

17. (19) Mr. V and the T.A.

Dave Vermullen and Abbey Cleland

Certainly the fan favorites, the duo improved as the day wore on.  After suffering two losses to tough competition, the bounced back by trouncing on the Monkey Pounders.  Vermullen lived up to the hustle expectations, and Cleland proved to have a strong bat.

Kick in the Pants

18. (14) Kick in the Pants

Mike Flaherty and Joe Lafferty

These guys weren't able to pull out any W's, but they were in every game.  This year's experience should help them be more competitive in next year's tourney, which they are already fired up for.

Monkey Pounders

19. (17) The Monkey Pounders

David Toth and Michael Bjorkman

The highlight for these guys was taking home the trophy for best team name.  The lowlight, watching as a coed from Columbus jacked homers.  Could that be a sign of things to come in November.  Despite the low finish, these guys will work hard in the off-season and be ready for a strong showing next year.  Plus, they deserve a break for walking 60 miles in the 3-Day walk the month before.


20. (20) Seppuku

Michelle McKendry and Nick McKendry

The newlyweds gave it their all, and most importantly, they didn't get mad at each other. Nick was a huge help Friday night, which might have tired him out and hurt their chances.

Sidekick All Stars

21. (21) The Sidekick All Stars

Andy Wolfgram and Keturah Kilburn

The dynamic duo put forth a great effort, but they were not able to pull out any W's. 

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