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2015 Scouting

The Men

A Flight


1. (1) Wiff It

Roger Christensen (3rd) and Tyler Hooks (5th)

Three straight titles as a duo and five straight for Tyler. Even more impressive, they gave up zero runs for the 2015 tourney! They had two close scares, 1-0 victories over the Semi Green Artichokes and McDaniel Clan, but other than that, they were dominant as usual.

2. (10) Bald and the Balding

Brian Toth (10th) and Greg Downey (5th)

They are probably not the 2nd best team in the tourney, but they came in 2nd. Toth showed that he once again is good at selecting teammates, as Downey came up clutch with key hits throughout the day. They did pull out two extra inning wins against Adam Bombs and Wiffle Ball A Whacker Guys to advance.

3. (16) The McDaniel Clan

Seth McDaniel (2nd) and Christian McDaniel (3rd)

Young Christian was chastising the scouts for ranking them 16th, and he and "Sleepy" Seth proved they should have been much higher. They came oh so close, but lost to Wiff It 0-1 in extra innings of the semifinals. Their pitching is definitely there and if they get the bats working next year, watch out.

4. (15) Wiffle Ball-A-Whacker Guys

Jake Fluty (1st), Mike Worley(4th), and Kyle Goodwin (4th)

Worley and Goodwin made a solid free agent signing by adding Fluty, and Guys made a run to the Final Four. They picked up a solid W against their rivals MFFM before dropping an extra innings game against Bald and the Balding.

5. (13) Adam Bombs

Adam Pacheco (3rd) and Adam Jerry (3rd)

Jerry and Pacheco dominated pool play going 3-0. They followed that with a surprise 8-3 victory over the Semi Green Artichokes. Their last game was an extra inning heartbreaker. The Adams should be back in 2016 and poised to make another run.

6. (3) M.F.F.M

Mark Hooks (12th), Craig LeDuc (11th), and Evan Halchishick (3rd)

They started the day undefeated in pool play and beat the upcoming Young Bucks 1-0. They picked up another 1-0 win against the Whippersnappers before losing to The Wiffle Ball A Whacker Guys. The good news is that Mark won the Admiral's basketball card in the silent auction and can have that on display for years to come.

7. (9) Prancers against Cancer

Don Goforth (1st) and Chris Quackenbush (5th)

Quackenbush added a new player and still had an impressive showing. Goforth looked solid for a first year player and this duo could make a formidable threesome if Jason rejoins the squad. They picked up an impressive 3-0 victory over the Swinging Cocks in the A Flight before losing to the eventual champions.

8. (7) Young Bucks

Zach Borowski, Spencer Eckert, and Stephen Girard (1st)

These newcomers finished the highest of any first-time team. They advanced to the A Flight and picked up a W against Serve the Curve before dropping a 1-5 decision to The McDaniel Clan. We expect these guys will come back strong in 2016.

9. (5) The Semi Green Artichokes

Brandon Brubaker (3rd), Joey Greiner (3rd), and Ross Gleason (3rd)

It was no surprise to see these guys make it to the A Flight. It was surprising to see them give up 8 runs to the Adam Bombs, as the SGA's are typically tough to score against. Still, always impressive to make it in the Top 10.

10. (4) Swinging Cocks (Roosters that is)

Jamie Dupuis (3rd), Michael Pizzuti (9th), and Kevin Timmins (9th)

Another top 10 finish for the SC's. They were undefeated in pool play including a convincing victory over Bald and The Balding. Hopefully Pizzuti recovers in time for 2016.

11. (25) The Whippersnappers

Eric Horton (8th) and Chris Cheshmire (2nd)

This was probably the biggest surprise in the tourney, as Horton and Cheshmire rolled through pool play and barely lost (0-1) to MFFM. Is this a sign that things have changed for Horton? Will see what happens next year.

12. (2) Serve the Curve

Josh Swartz and Ben Taylor (7th)

They did not repeat the magic of their 2015 2nd place finish, but they did advance to the A flight and lost a tough one to the Young Bucks 1-2.

13. (14) Hoosier Daddy

Dustin Looper (6th) and Jeff Gaisor (8th)

A great run through pool play helped our friends form the Hoosier State advance to pool play. Then, however, they got a bad draw on the windy field and gave up 24 runs. Is that one ball still in the air?

14. (29) The Wiff in Wiffleball

Chris Lake (10th) and Jeremy Fox (11th)

If The Whippersnappers aren't the biggest positive surprise, then these guys are. Laker and Fox typically have bad luck and drop one run decisions, but this year pool play was a cake walk. Hopefully Laker recovers (yes, we are really late in scouting) for CFTC XIII.

15. (6) Pelee Islanders

Kevin Stackpoole (12th) and Brian Stackpoole (12th)

Not only did they advance to the A Flight, but K-Stack announced he will not be retiring, despite rumors to the contrary. Apparently he remembered that WB is fun and he is giddy for 2016.


16. (26) Rats

Adam Hallman (4th) and Chris Thomas (1st)

Hallman made a solid acquisition with Thomas and the duo advanced to the A Flight. Unfortunately for them they go to play Wiff It, which just like for everybody else, is not fun.


B Flight

Great run by You're Killin' Me Smalls. No kilts, no problem.

17. (19) You're Killing Me Smalls

Joel Weir (6th) and Morrison Borders (5th)

An impressive run by this dynamic duo despite taking a number of years off from CFTC. They made the most of missing the A Flight and defeated their buddies from Wiffle House to claim the B Flight Championship.

18. (22) Wiffle House

Mike Rudy (6th), Jeff Radoicic (3rd), and Brendan Radoicic (3rd)

These guys are the Oregon of CFTC, showing off their multiple different versions of Wiffle House jerseys. They just missed out making the A Flight and made the most of the situation by finishing 2nd in the B Flight.

19. (18) Breaking Bat

Derek DeGroat (4th) and Tom Downs (5th)

Nice job by our scouts of only being off one from our prediction. The guys of Bat earned a hard fought 2-1 victory to start the B Flight and picked up one more win before losing to the Wiffle House.

20. (24) We Can't Hit

Brian Perry (9th) and John David Kuhar (7th)

All that matters is that they are 20 and the team below them is 21.

21. (20) Feelin' Swill

David Perry and Kevin Burr (6th)

See the team above them.

22. (28) The Wet Bandits

Joel Wollborg (7th) and Marty Strauch (4th)

First win at CFTC was exciting for Strauch. Hopefully that leads to more in the future. Perhaps he can get some good games in with his new neighbor.

23. (27) Ben Franklin

Ed Petzold (4th), Mark Johnston (11th), and Chris Johnston (11th)

They played more games than they have in CFTC history. And they played past 1:00, so all in all, a solid day.

24. (11) Chin Music

Matt Vargo (7th) and Matt Douglass (5th)

Our scouts were a little off on these guys, but they typically finish much higher. We'll see if they can get back into form next year.

25. (8) Pitch Slapped

Eric Doyle and Bo Paxton (1st)

The guys representing LF Football dropped a tough 5-6 decision to Feeling Swell in the first round of the B Flight. Our scouts expect them to come back strong in 2016.

26. (17) Victorious Secrets

Grant Pringle (4th) and Aaron Schumann (1st)

Grant's first year away from Duke didn't go as planned, but Schumann picked up a valuable year of experience. Typically teams make big jumps there second year together.

27. (12) Peek-a-Boob

Anthony Collins and Jeremy Soldan (4th)

Our scouts were also off a little on the young lads. We think they'll return to their 2014 top ten style of play next year.

28. (21) Pied Piper

Michael Flaherty (10th), Michael Belisle (4th), and Tedi Belisle (3rd)

These guys truly would have finished higher, but they need to work on keep CFTC the only event on their calendar so they don't have to play and run.

29. (23) The Rubber Men

Nick Asman and Tom Poznick (4th)

These guys played their second straight year as a twosome and took a step back from their 18th place finish in 2014.

30. (30) Melonamaniacs

Kyle Randolph and Matt Walraven (2nd)

The legendary Cap'n Crunch shirt was replace by a classic Star Wars look. Regardless of their 30th place finish, we are looking forward to Randolph's first CFTC pool party in 2016.

31. (32) The Future

Andrew Lake (1st) and two of his Great Lake Companions

The 6th Great Lake is a great follow on Twitter. An perhaps his WB game will improve this season and he'll make a run in 2016.

32. (31) Night Rangers

Dan Breathour (5th), David Toth (10th), and Michael Bjorkman (4th)

Well, the effort was solid. Perhaps next year. At least Jim L is making things better for DLT's favorite team.


The Lovely Ladies

Lynch and Lemire dominate....again!

1. (1) Peace, Love, and Ta Tas

Ann Lemire and Shana Lynch (2nd)

Two years, two championships. Not sure they can be beat.

2. (4) For Tits and Giggles

Julie Hoffman (2nd), Lisa Berthold (10th), and Jennifer Bjorkman (8th)

A nice surprising run by the T's and G's squad. Unfortunately for them they had to play Anne and Shana. We'll see if they can recreate the magic in 2016.

3. (6) Betty Boobs

Courtney Knox Edwards (4th), Katie Parish (3rd) , and Tracy Barker (1st)

A solid day of WB for the BB's as their only losses came to the PLT's and For T's and G's.

4. (7) Tartars for Ta Ta's

Christina Wooster (2nd), Courtney West (4th), and Amanda Pata (4th)

The Tartars got the tough draw of playing PLT's in the first round. They rallied from that and made the final four.

5. (3) Jug-Or-Nots

Marla Vanwormer and Melissa McGovern (5th)

The Jug or Nots had, we think, their worst finish in CFTC history. Fifth isn't bad, but they typically are higher. Still, they represented 1993 with class!

6. (5) Mean Girls

Jennifer LeDuc (9th), Emily Herberholz (1st) and Karlee Hooks (6th)

It was not the Mean Girls' Day this year, but as always they came prepared with solid uniforms. Expect a stong return in 2016 and perhaps the return of two originals: Hartman and Shauna....maybe?

7. (8) The Knockers

Erin Burdis and Kari Randolph (2nd)

This is what we said after last year's tournament.

Two Things: 1. Randolph is a great host. 2. These ladies won the Toilet Bowl, which is impressive for a first year team. We'll add a third: Great job holding Lemire (allegedly) to her promise that if she won she would swim in the Cass.

Something makes us think history might repeat itself.

Guess what-It did. They won the T Bowl again!

8. (2) Check your Lumps for Humps

Kristin Toth (5th) and Lexi Berthold (2nd)

Well, not their best performance of WB, but they did pick up the title for best Team Name. Nice work.

The Seniors

Same old same old in the senior division as well.

1. (1) Morrison Hotel

Keith Hooks (7th) and Mark Hooks (7th)

The pattern of repeat champions continued with the seniors. The Hooks brothers continue to dominate the Senior division.

2. (3) Just Under 60

Duke White (8th) and Scott Klein (1st)

Duke backed up his pre-tourney talk with a second place finish. A nice debut in the senior circuit for him and Klein. And a nice W over Grant later in the day:)

3. (7) Caught Lookin"

Steve Panko (1st) and Allen McDaniel (4th)

Another solid debut in the senior division, as McDaniel and Panko came in third. Perhaps the year of experience for Panko can help these guys vie for the title in 2016.

4. (2) Olde English D's

Steve List (3rd) and Tim Daoust (8th)

The D's played strong again but were not able to get to the level of play that brought them the title two years ago.

5. (6) Dudd'n Inspectors

John Compton (6th) and Tim Gilmour (6th)

Big John and Gilmour continue to get awards for their off field support of CFTC. Both huge supporters who we appreciate greatly.

6. (5) Whiskey and Wine

Joe Toth (9th) and Jim Durand (4th)

The pitching and defense were solid, but the bats were not there. The bats did wake up in time to score 21 runs and claim the 2015 Toilet Bowl Championship.

7. (4) Rack Attack

Pete Vanderhaar (8th) and Tim Bethune (1st)

A rough tourney for Pete who was making his debut without longtime partner John Lewis. We'll see what Vanderhaar does in 2016.


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