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Once again the talent level skyrocketed from the previous year.  Hence the terrible scouting!  On a side note, the teams that drank more tended to perform worse than those that didn't partake.  Very interesting.  Overall it was a great day and here are the "very accurate" final team breakdowns. The Number is parentheses was the scouting reports prediction.

The Burninators

1. (15) The Burninators

Travis Schultz and Ron Pare

For newcomers, these guys were outstanding, and our scouting crew was way off.  Pare was consistent all day, with solid pitching and timely hitting.  Schultz was one of the better pitchers of the tourney with his rising fast ball.  His overall performance earned him the title of 2006 MVP.  Their only loss was in the championship round against Stugots, but they quickly avenged it to win the championship. 

Wiffle Stugots

2. (6) Wiffle Stugots

Chris Grzegorczyk, Pete Lamerato

They took some early heat for not swinging, but give these guys their props.  They put up big numbers all day and had their fair share of dingers.  They had a great game against the Burninators in the winner's bracket, losing 0-1. Lamerato took home the award for best defensive player, while G was solid throughout.  G's only problem is what to do with his old partner when he wants back in.

Stud and Bud

3. (13) Stud and Bud

Rob Berthold, Jody Levingston and Tom Pierpont

Advice to any aging teams: pick up a third who is young and is a great pitcher.  This strategy worked Bud and Stud, who after two sub-par performances came in 3rd.  Pierpont was so good at pitching he took home the best pitcher award.  Berthold and Levingston had some big hits and the team put together a great run after a first round loss.  

Your What Hurts?

4. (2) Your What Hurts?

Brian Stackpoole and Kevin Stackpoole

Another strong performance by the brothers, but they came up a little short.  They really could be ranked 3rd because they beat Bud and Stud in round 1, but that was before Pierpont came on the scene.  Last year the brothers' bats weren't working, but that was not the case this year.  They put up over ten runs in three different games. They will go back to the practice field and be ready for '07.  Also, a big thanks to the brothers for their hard work on the fields.

Demolition Crew

5.(16) The Demolition Crew 

Dave Carr, Brent Kozel, Kevin Sayed

The scouting department was way off on the Crew.  These three embodied what WB is all about: drinking and having fun.  They used that strategy and put together a great run to finish 5th.  They had a great come from behind win against Short and Fat, fueled by a copy big triples from Kozel.  Carr and Sayed were solid on the mound all day.  Nice work by Carr's wife winning Pink Floyd tickets and mentioning Curves on 94.7.

Balls Deep

6. (9) Balls Deep

Robert Karbowski and Brandon Lulis

Congrats to Deep for winning the best team name competition.  They also put on a great showing for their first year in the tourney.  They won their first two before losing a 1-2 to the Burninators.  Both guys did an excellent job of throwing strikes and forcing the opponent to get hits.  Karbo's son was the resident scorekeeper and a big help during the HR derby.

Short and Fat

7. (4) Short and Fat

Mike Dennis and Tom Mavis

The tandem looked to be heading for glory when they got off to a great start with two quick W's.  They had a five run lead against Demolition Crew before giving up five runs in the last inning.  Perhaps if Mavis would buy into the red shoe theory, they might have more success.  The TC veterans will be back for another shot next year.

Blue Ballers

8. (3) BlueBallers

Dan Sanborn and Brian Kloeckner

The Ballers lost their first one to Short and Fat, but then came back with two straight W's before bowing out.  For a first time team it was a strong effort, especially when you consider Kloeckner only got two hours of sleep the night before.  Sanborn had some big hits and used his unique pitching delivery to secure the two W's.  Look for these guys to be a contender in 2007.

Aloe, Aloe, Aloe

9. (1) Aloe, Aloe, Aloe
Brian Toth and Rob Durand

Where to begin?  After winning the tourney the first two years, these two came up extremely short in 2006.  Could it have something to do with the fact that one teammate couldn't throw a strike:)  Or the fact that neither teammate ever came close to hitting a home run?  Rumor has it Toth is flying Durand back from Florida a month early for training next year. 


10. (12) Stink Finger

J.P. Lake and Nate Johns

Stink looked to be on the right path early, winning their first two games.  But then the wills came off, and they dropped the next two.  The certainly could score, including a 24 spot against Fire Millen.  And not that anyone is counting, but their 10 place finish is 3 better than JP's brother's team.

Triple Threat

11. (18) Triple Threat

Charlie Grignani, Bill Usury, and Jeff Bean

These guys came out of the gate quick, jumping all over the defending champs before losing on a 5th inning rally.  Despite not knowing any of the rules, they put together two nice wins.  Question is, will Grignani keep these guys as partners, or go back to his original team?

Long Way Yourway

12. (5) Longway Yourway

Eric Horton and Mark Trombly

A scary thought for next year: Horton realized and acknowledged he throws too hard.  If he remembers that, these two will be back in title contention.  Trombly was once again consistent, but the teams inability to throw strikes at key moments came back to haunt them.  


13. (8) BALCO

Chris Lake and Jeremy Fox

In 2005, Laker and Fox came in 10th.  So how will they respond by going backwards?  Only time will tell.  Their pitching was much improved, but they couldn't muster enough offense.  That is until the HR derby, when Laker went on a tear.  Perhaps he took out some frustration on his way to winning the championship.  As for Fox, he won the 50/50 cash prize. Well that is until the money was given to his wife before he got his hands on it.

Craig and the Fatman

14. (7) Craig and the Fatman

Craig LeDuc and Mark Hooks

Let's just say that these two will be the best team ever to win the toilet bowl.  If anyone saw the TBowl final, LeDuc was almost unhittable.  Perhaps he should avoid long nights out before the tourney.  Just look at his eyes in the picture.  And if Hooks can lay off the Black Velvet, these guys will be a serious contender next year.

Bald and the Beautiful

15. (10) Bald and the Beautiful

Greg Downey and Paul Bursick

A tough first round loss seemed to ruin the day for the brother-n-laws.  Despite bowing out so early, there was no rule which said they had to leave the field by 1:00.  Anyway, the two always played hard and were in every game.  Bursick continued his great hustle by diving for everything and Downey, well Downey is bald.

Fire Millen

16. (14) Fire Millen

Mike Flaherty and Joe Lafferty

These guys continued to improve and seemed to have more fun than most of the other teams.  If there was a best team sportsmanship award, they would get it.  They dropped their first game despite scoring 19 runs.  Congrats to Flaherty for winning the 2006 Mr. Hustle award.

Manssierres Men Supporting Breasts

17. (19) Manssierres-Men Supporting Breasts

Jeremy Robinson and Dan Gardner

So the duo shows up and immediately starts dogging the scouting department for ranking them 19th.  By the end of the day, they were agreeing with the SD.  However, they put together some wins and made it to the TB final.  As stated in the scouting, these guys will improve in the off-season.  Odds are they will have a plate set-up in the social studies wing of Harrison High School.

Off Until Next Year

18. (20 )Off Until Next Year

Michael Bjorkman, Joe Toth, and David Toth

Interesting fact:  The only game they one, which was their first in two years, was the game Joe Toth (not pictured) played.  Why is that interesting...because Joe T is 63 years old.  Anyway's, congrats to the trio for their first W, and perhaps it could be a sign of things to come.  They might not be that good at WB, but at least they bring great prizes for the 50/50 (Gander Mountain/Bose).

Ron Mexico's Rash

19. (11) Ron Mexico's Rash

Chris Johnston, Mark Johnston, and Ed Petzold

The expectations were higher for the Muthers, but they failed to live up to them.  They even practiced in the off season.  Petzold was a nice pitching addition.  The trio had their chances, but never could take advantage.  Especially when CJ, aka Todd Jones, pitched one inning too much.   They will be back, and probably better.  They get some karma for being one of the few teams to camp out the night before.  Next time your in Frankenmuth, eat at Subway or the Lamplighter.

Scuba Steve's Squad

20. (17) Scuba Steve's Squad

Steve Hughes and Keith Bortherton

It was somewhat surprising to see these guys come in 20th, but neither knew they were playing until just a few days before the tourney.  A team cancelled, and Scuba, the master of lawns, volunteered to fill in.  The youngsters put forth a great effort, but just get into the win column.  Perhaps next year boys.


The Lovely Ladies

A solid effort by all four of our ladies' teams.  Thanks for being brave and giving it a try.  Next year we will look to expand the field to at least eight teams.

1. (1) Ball Breakers

Kristin Toth and Jenny Bec

The talented duo of Salem Rocks dominating the first ever ladies' tournament.  Solid pitching, strong defense, and big sticks led the way to the championship.  The Breakers were in control from the get go. These two will be fired up to defend their title in 07'.  They also deserve some credit for being the only team to wear pink!

Art P's Ladies

2. (2) Art P's Ladies

Lisa Berthold and Jennifer Bjorkman

Somebody once said that you can't get to heaven on Pelzer's nose. Well at least you can get second place.  The sisters put forth an outstanding effort, but came up a little short.  "I didn't think wiffle ball would be so competitive" was Jenny's reaction after the tourney.  Lisa B was spotted at TeeBonez after talking about practice and winning it all in 07'.

Long Duck Dong!

3. (4) Long Duck Dong! a.k.a. "That Picture is Awful"

Amie Toth and Allison Galbreath

The team's scouting picture caused too much commotion for this team, and may have thrown off their game.  Hence, the change in picture and team name.  Not to worry, the ladies will be back next year.  If there was a toilet bowl champ, they would have been it.  And next year, there scouting picture won't be so controversial.

Counting Mullets at Cedar Point

4. (3) Counting Mullets at Cedar Point

Linda Stackpoole and Michelle Stackpoole

Despite not wanting to play, Hooker was quoted as saying "This was a lot more fun than I thought".  Perhaps a little more luck would have come the ladies way had they worn their ATARI shirts.  There is no doubt these two will be practicing their skills over the next year on the shores of Lake Erie.  Big props for Mullets for handling the food preparation :)

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