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Here are the final team breakdowns for 2009. There were a lot of great games and some exciting finishes. The number in parantheses is where our scouts predicted the team would finish. Obviously we were way off with some of the first year teams.

It's The Bat's Fault

1. (1) It's The Bat's Fault

Ron Pare and Travis Schultz (4th Tournament)

Clearly these guys were motivated right from the get go. They did not lose a single game all day on the way to claiming their second straight championship and their third title in four years. Pare and Schultz were both very consistent and solid in their pitching, only allowing a total of five runs all day. They did all of this amid the constant heckling from C. Johnston. The only challenge left for this duo is to see if they can become the first team to threepeat.



Road Warriors

2. (6) The Road Warriors

Brian Toth (6th) and Rob Berthold (6th)

The Road Warriors tied a record for playing nine games...despite all the warning to stay away from the losers bracket, they went that route. Berthold's defense was outstanding all day and they had enough timely hits to make it back to the title game. However, they couldn't muster any offense in the championship losing to It's The Bat's Fault in the title game for the 2nd straight year. Now the issue: Rob Durand has said he is back for 2010. What will Toth do? Stick with Berthold, go back with Durand, or go as a three man team. Perhaps a look back at the 2007 scouting reports will provide the answer.


Holely Balls Batmen

3. (7) Holely Balls Batmen

Jake Sanborn (3rd) and Dan Sanborn (4th)

Scary thought. In their first year as a team they came in 7th. In 2008 they came in 5th. This year they came in 3rd. Do you see the pattern? The Sanborn brothers ran the top half of the winner's bracket before losing to It's The Bat's Fault. These guys continue to show they are legitimitate contenders. If the above pattern holds, they could be one of only three teams to put their names on the Curves Championship Trophy.


Hoosier Daddy

4. (13) Hoosier Daddy

Dustin Looper (1st) and Jeff Gaisor (3rd)

Gaisor gets credit for the best free agent acquisition in the tourney. He brought in Looper who was very good all day. The duo hit 16 homers in a 21-4 thrashing of the Road Warriors. They also had an impressive 10-1 drubbing of the Hackaholics before losing the rematch with the Road Warriors 1-2. These hicks from Indiana can definitely play some WB and they will be tough to beat in 2010.


Master Batters

5. (8) Master Batters

Mark Hooks (6th) and Craig LeDuc (5th)

The Master Batters have clearly proved they are a top team in the Curves field. The duo won their first three games and then dropped a close 0-3 game to Holely Balls Batmen. They then lost a tough game 2-3 game to the Road Warriors to end their day. Hooks' big bat and the strong throwing arm of LeDuc continue to keep these guys in contention. The only bad news for young Mark is that his dad was on the winning senior team...could there be some trash talking in the family?


6. (24) The Hackaholics

Josh Wollborg and Jeff Willman (1st)

Who knows what would have happened if the alarm clock worked? Their first loss was a forfeit for being late to the tourney. The Hackaholics then went on to win five strainght games before losing to Hoosier Daddy. This duo beat some very good teams including McStacken and the Stugots. Congrats to the Hackaholics for achieving the highest rating for two first time players.


7. (4) McStacken

Brian Stackpoole and Kevin Stackpoole (6th)

The brothers McStacken had the tough draw of playing their first game against It's the Bat's Fault. They suffered the loss, but had an incredible 5th inning rally to stay alive against We're Too Stupid. They then went on to win two more games before losing to the Hackaholics. The 7th place finish is the worst for the bro's in their six years of Curves, which shows two things: How good the competition is getting and how good they consistently have been. Expect the Stack bro's to come back strong next year.


Booze On First

8. (16) Booze on First

Ben Taylor and Joshua Swartz (2nd)

These guys are the perfect example of the jump a good team can make from year one to year two. They showed huge improvement and won their first two games. Their only losses were 0-6 against the champs and a 2-5 loss to the 2nd place team. Overall a pretty impressive performance for Booze on First. They finish tenth is 2008, eighth in 2009, so could sixth place be the spot next year?

Chin Music

9. (28) Chin Music

Matt Douglass and Matt Vargo (1st)

Our scouts were slighly off with this team. To be exact, they were off by nineteen, which puts Chin Music as the highest riser in the scouting reports. They picked up three wins on the day and their two losseswere by a total of five runs. "Team Matt' showed they've got WB game and they will be a team to reckon with in the future.

RedSox Blow

10. (10) RedSox Blow

NIck Posa (1st) and Brian Lemons (3rd)

Jason Coleman was a late scratch and he was replaced by Posa. Regardless, our scouts did an excellent job predicting this team's place. After losing a tough first round game their bats woke up and they put together two solid wins. The wins put Lemons in the top ten for the second straight year. We pretty sure he'll be back and tough as always in 2010.


11. (9) Sousepaws

Dave Perry and Kevin Burr (2nd)

A lot of props need to be given to the Sousepaws for their overall performance. They were seen hitting the kegs at 7:45 AM and were still going strong well into the band's performance. As for WB they won their first two before suffering a 0-10 defeat to the Master Batters. Their last game of the day was a tough 0-1 loss to the Hackaholics. These guys were hoping to play .500, so they met their goal. However just missing out on the top ten should provide some extra motivation next year.

The Folino Brothers

12. (23) The Folino Brothers

Brent Kozel (4th) and Evan Winters (2nd)

Winters needed to find a replacement for his brother, and then another replacement when the original replacement broke his ankle. That is where Kozel came in. The two came out of the gates hot and won their first two games. Then they lost a close one before taking an 0-18 beating by McStacken. We're pretty sure Evan will be back with his bro in 2010. We're not sure what the future holds for Kozel, although we do know he was dancing like a champ to Arcadia late into the evening.

Return of the Stugots

13. (3) Return of the Stugots

Chris Grzegorczyk(6th) and Pete Lamerato(3rd)

Somewhat of a suprise to see these guys down at 13th, but Pistol Pete was overheard saying they just couldn't hit. All good teams seem to have one year when the bats don't work. 2009 was the year for the Stugots. The bats did come alive for a 12-0 thrashing of Sons of Pitches, but they fell back asleep against the Hackaholics. Our scouts expect these guys to be back in top form for 2010.


Nice Rack

14. (14) Nice Rack

Kevin Timmins and Michael Pizzuti (3rd)

The men of Nice Rack played a tough first round game against the Slackers and lost...which makes them one of a couple teams rated higher than a team they lost to. Anyway they bounced back and picked up two wins including a 1-0 defeat of Here for Beer. They then played a tough game against The Red Sox Blow before losing 11 to 13. Look for these guys to continue to be a tough team to beat and we can't wait to see how long Timmins' Fu Manchu will be in 2010.

Well Hungarians

15. (11) Well Hungarians

Joel Weir (3rd) and Bob Couchman (1st)

A tough decision could be in store for Weir in 2010. Does he return with his original partner of Morrison Borders, who was sunbathing in the Confederacy instead of playing this year?. Or does he stick with Couchman who got better as the day wore on? Perhaps this could be a dangerous three man team in the future. An interesting note about Borders and Weir: They are one of only four teams to defeat It's the Bat's Fault.

Belsay Road Bandits

16. (19) Belsay Road Bandits

David Ayers, Walter White, and Russ White (2nd)

The BRB's returned with the same unfortunate draw as in 2008: A first round showdown with It's the Bat's Fault, In 2008 they played a tough game, but it wasn't to be this year as they lost 1-20 to the eventual champions. Despite the tough loss the Bandits picked up a win before losing a tough one to Chin Music. Expect the Bandits to be back and motivated in 2010.



17. (2) The Slackers

Ben Gaal and Ryan "Bubba" Toth (1st)

These guys are one of two teams our scouts gave way too much credit to based on potential. However, we think these guys will be back and motivated in 2010. They were quoted as saying we are "going to practice" for next year. They were very close to knocking out The Road Warriors before giving up four runs in the final at bat. They then lost a tough 2-4 game against the suprise team of the tourney the Hackaholics. Look out for these guys in '10 and good luck to Bubba as he and Caitlin move to Virginia. Watch out for those CSA Rebels.

No Hitters

18. (20) No Hitters

John David Kuhar (2nd) and Brian Perry (3rd)

The duo of No Hitters was very close to finishing much higher. They dropped a tough 1 to 3 loss to the Well Hungarians, and then did the unthinkable by losing a one run game to the J Brothers. However, they got their focus and rallied to win three straight to claim the 2009 Toilet Bowl Championship. Perry's brother Dave might have finished higher in the ranking, but at least Brian brought home some hardware.


Too Stupid

19. (18) "We're Too Stupid to Come Up With a Team Name"

Bryan Ventrone (3rd Tournament) and Sawyer Ventrone (2nd)

These guys were very close to making a bigger run than finishing 19th. They had McStackin on the ropes before struggling to get the final out on the windy field. Despite the tough loss, the father/son combo rallied to win two before losing in the Toilet Bowl championship. Our scouts are glad to learn Sawyer switched to football, so look for him on the field as a receiver for Valley Lutheran this fall.

Joe Boo

20. (15) Joe Boo Needs a Refill

Dan Gardner and Jeremy Robinson (4th)

Joe Boo's bats were definitely not helping them as they only scored five runs in their three games. However, they recouped after a 16-1 thrasing to pick up their one win against Double Secret Probation. It was no suprise to see these guys enjoying the hard stuff and heading to the hotel early for some nappy time. These guys have two top ten finishes and then two years of not so good WB. Perhaps they need to start pitching during lunch breaks again to get back in the upper echelon.

Double Secret Probation

21. (12) Double Secret Probation

Jeremy Fox (5th) and Chris Lake (4th)

This was probably a dissappointing day for Probation as they dropped their first two games and went right to the Toilet Bowl. They were overheard saying that their bats were not working. They did rally to pick up a 6-0 win against Pitches on a Leash. 2010 will be a big year to see if they can get back to top ten status. On a positive note, Laker once again was able to claim the Home Run Derby Championship, which was his third title.

Here 4 Beer

22. (22) Here 4 Beer

Chris Weiss (2nd) and Eric Horton (5th)

OK...that is not Chris Weiss on the left. The Muth Duo looked good in their opening round win, which was a forfeit by the other team. After that they dropped two straight to bow out of the tourney. Two interesting observations about this team. Weiss was quoted as saying "I suck" and Horton knew his stats like he was playing Fantasy Baseball. It will be interesting to see if these two stick together next year or if they both shop the free agent market looking for new partner.

Thunder Wingnut

23. (5) Thunder Wingnut

Eric White, Dan Williams, and Andy Wingert (1st)

These formers students/players of severl Curves regulars were in hot water when they showed up late for their first round game. Granted their game was starting early, but as the all important pre-tourney email states: Be Prepared to Play Early...or late in the case of this windy year. After two suprising losses, the lads recouped to win a game. Now that they have a year of experience under their belt these guys might be able to live up to the number five ranking in the future. (Which, with their 23rd place showing, puts them as the most overrated team in the tourney.)

They're Real

24. (21) They're Real and They're Spectacular

Chris Johnston and Mark Johnston (5th)

A disappointing effort for the J brothers. Their goal of winning the Toilet Bowl was ruined when they defeated the No Hitters 5 to 4. Ironically the No Hitters went on to win the Toilet Bowl. Our scouts can already hear the phone ringing to field complaints from brother Chris about how a team they beat is scouted higher. Two words: Whatever. Anyway, the J Brothers might need to take it a little easier the two nights before the tourney to save some energy for WB. At least they provide outstanding food for lunch.


Sons of Pitches

25. (17) Sons of Pitches

Dave Vermullen (3rd) and Ken Sanders (2nd)

Probably a better team than the 25th place standing shows, but they did lose all three of their games. If they had only won the first game, a 9-10 loss to the Folino Brothers, how different their day may have been. On a positive note, they weren't as sore as they were last year. Hopefully this team sticks around despite V's move to the West side.

One and Done

26. (19/DNP) One and Done

Joe Shafer (1st) and David Toth (5th)

Where to begin? First there is the obvious reason for the lack of success which would be the fact that Shafer was so overwhlemed by his wife's team name that he couldn't focus. Or could it be that David Lee Toth's teams traditionally end up in this area? We do know that they put up a huge inning with several homers against the Folino Brothers before losing. And despite his declaration to the contrary, DT did not win the HR Derby.

Pitch on a Leash

27. (21) Get Your Pitch On a Leash

Michael Flaherty (5th) and Chris Nichol (1st)

At the last moment Joe Lafferty dropped out and Nichol stepped up to fill the void. Perhaps next year they will be a three man team. The duo struggled with their bats and lost three tough games. However, they were a top contender for best team name and Flaherty stuck around past 5:00 for the first time in a while:)


Cleavage Indians

28. (DNP) The Cleavage Indians

Jason Kanakry and Dave Webb (1st)

These guys could be upset with how they played, but they shouldn't be. Webb was recovering from a broken collarbone and his game was severely limited. Picking up routine balls looked painful. All was not lost for this team though because they picked up the award for best team name. And their significant others won the ladies' tourney.

The Lovely Ladies

The ladies' tournament continues to get better each year. Great job to all teams and it sounds like the tourney will be bigger next year.

Breast Friends

1. (1st) Breast Friends

Heather Brennan and Amber Webb (2nd)

Not to brag, but our scouts are pretty good. They picked the winner in the men's tourney and also the ladies'. Breast Friends were obviously motivated coming out of the gates and defeating The Shockers 19-2. The two teams would meet again in the finals and the BF's won again in a closer game. We're pretty sure they were bummed about not winning best uniform, but we have a feeling they will be back in 2010 looking to repeat as champs and also claim the best uniform title.

The Shockers

2. (5th) The Shockers

Caitlin Levere, Rachel Goff, and Melissa Shafer (1st)

The Shockers rallied after a first round loss to Breast Friends to win three straight. They got their chance for a redemption against Breast Friends in the title game, but fell short 8-6. Despit the loss, the rematch was much closer and more competitive. We know these ladies will be back in motivated in 2010.....the only question is how much lower can they go with the team name and uniform?

Team KickArse

3. (3rd) Team KickArse

Kristy Hartman and Karlee Hooks (1st)

The ladies from Clio put forth a solid effort in their first Curves experience. They won their first two games before dropping their last two by 2 runs in each game. These gals will be a tough team to beat in the future. Unless they add Karlee's sister:) On a side note: Young 21 year old Karlee was heard saying "I was more sore on Sunday than I was after hell week in basketball". Our scouts agree.

Wiff and Biff

4. (2nd) Wiff and Biff

Jen LeDuc and Shauna Dillard (3rd)

Our scouts are convinced that these ladies wanted some hardware this year and they got it. The team uniform for Wiff and Biff was outstanding and earned the ladies the first ever Best Team Uniform title. They were pretty good on the field as well, winning two games and only losing by a combined three runs in their two losses. Look out if they come as motivated for the WB as they did the uniform competition.

Colorado Bulldogs

5. (4th) Colorado Bulldogs

Michelle Stackpoole (3rd),Lisa Berthold (4th), Amie Toth (4th)

The Bulldogs, as always, are huge supporters of Curves. From getting sponsors, to donating, to supplying water, to recycling, these ladies do a ton. And the Curves Crew truly appreciates their support. However, they may be forced to attend a pre-tourney rules meeting in the future. Anyways...the ladies bounced back from a first round loss with a nice win before losing to the Shockers. These ladies might be tough to beat in the future....if they learn the rules:)

Chris' Cans

6. (7th) Chris' Cans

Tiffany Atkin and Monica Wiggins (1st)

Chris J, hence the team name, said these girls would cuss and drink like sailors. Let's just say that CJ is now an official member of the scouting team with his accurate prediction. After two tough losses the ladies rallied to claim the 2009 Ladies Toilet Bowl Championship with a win over Show Us Your Hits. With a year of experience under their belts these ladies should be much tougher in 2010.


Show Us Your Hits

7. (6th) Show Us Your Hits

Sara Johnston and Lori Keyes (2nd)

Despit the 7th place finish, this team did show signs of improving. After suffering a tough first round loss, they got more competitive as the day wore on. The bad news is they lost the showdown against their archrivals. The good news is the team was dancing and enjoying the band throughout the night.

The Seniors

It appears that the senior division is going to continue to grow. We went from four teams in 2008 to eight in 2009. The word around Frankenmuth is that there will be more teams in 2010.. However this year's title belonged to a team from Clio. (A lot of love is being shown in some of these pictures???)

Morrison Hotel

1. (5) Morrison Hotel

Mark Hooks, Keith Hooks, and Scott Sutton (1st)

Our scouts had inside info, but out of respect to the Muthers, we put these guys as a five seed. We were informed that Mark and Scott were solid, but that Keith was dangerous. And this was very true as the younger Hooks was seen hustling all over and hitting home run after home run. There are rumors swirling that Keith is going to join forces with his son and play in the men's divison in 2010. Regardless, congratulations to the men of Morrison Hotel for claiming the 2009 Senior Championship.

Rack Attack 2. (1st) Rack Attack

Pete Vanderhaar and John Lewis (2nd)

It was business as usual for Rack Attack as they won their first three games to claim the winner's bracket. Then the duo had a long break, which seems to have taken its toll. Rack Attack never recovered from the break and lost two straight games to Morrison Hotel in the championship. We will see how these guys respond to losing their title. Our scouts are sure they will be fired up for the 2010 tourney.

Early Birdies 3. (3) Early Birdies

Bill Stackpoole and Jim Toth (1st)

The Early Birdies came out of the gates fast and looked like the team to beat. They won their first two games and were handling Rack Attack before they suffered one tough inning. Perhaps the wind had something to do with it. The EB's never recovered and were evenutally knocked out by Morrison Hotel. Regardless these two put forth an impressive performance for a first time team.

Hair Raisers

4. (8th)The Hair Raisers

Lynn Stamaris and Tim Gilmour (1st)

A very impressive performance for this first year team from the Muth. The Hair Raisers won two games, but more impressivley their losses were by a combined total of three runs. They dropped a tough 0-1 decision to Early Birdies and then played a close game against eventual champ Morrison Hotel. With a year of experience under their belt these guys could be tough in 2010.


JB Counter Tops

5. (3) JB Countertops

John Compton(2nd and Al Weiss (1st)

These guys were very close to finishing much higher. They went extra innings against Morrison Hotel in their first round showdown. They bounced back with an exciting win over Whiskey and Wine before being eliminated. Compton was a huge factor in the setup of the tourney and our keg coordinator. Both guys were extremely generous in sharing their trucks for the cleanup crew.

Whiskey and Wine 6. (2nd) Whiskey and Wine

Joe Toth and Jim Durand (3rd)

What's up with the pose? Anyway, so close would be the words to describe this duo. Their two losses were both by one run. They claimed the Toilet Bowl Championship with a one run win over Stud Muffins. The window of opportunity might be closing for these "Legends". On a positive note Jimmy D. stole the show with his dance moves later in the evening. And Joe "The General" spirited the set up crew and made sure all the fields and fences were in top shape.

Ye Olde English D's

7. (6th) Ye Olde English D's

Tim Daoust and Dave Johnston (2nd)

We are happy to report that this team suffered no injuries this year. And more importantly, they got a win over the Stud Muffins. What makes the win so impressive is that Tiger J was hurting on Saturday morning from the Friday night festivities. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come for Daoust and Mr. J. Regardless, a huge thank you and to the Johnston's for once again allowing Curves to use their property.

Stud Muffins

8. (7th) The Stud Muffins

Mark Watkins and Tom Keller (1st)

The Muffins showed they have the potential to pitch and play good defense, allowing no more than 5 runs in a single game. If they want to improve in the future, they will need to find a way to create more offense. They almost claimed the TB championship but dropped a tough game to Whiskey and Wine. While their WB game may not have been as good as they liked, both guys were assets to the setup crew. Keller was helping on Thursday and Friday while Watkins was a Jack of All Trades and a huge help in setting up this years' tournament.


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