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The First 16

1. (6) The Semi Green Artichokes

Joey Greiner, Ross Gleason, and Brandon Brubaker (4th)

What a run for the SGA's. They went 2-1 in pool play, dropping a tough one to Stanton Room Only. Then, their pitching and defense took over in the bracket as they gave up 2 runs during their four wins to claim their first championship. Will they be able to repeat next year?


2. (1) We Throw Hooks

Tyler Hooks (6th) and Keith Hooks (8th)

Well, Tyler and Roger didn't play together and for the first time, Tyler didn't win. But he and his Dad put on a show and came close, dropping a 2-5 decision in the final against SGA's.

3. (15) Wiffle House

Mike Rudy (7th), Jeff Radoicic (4th), and Brendan Radoicic (4th)

The men of WH brought their A game and had their best finish in CFTC history. Could this be a sign of things to come? They were on run away from making the finals, dropping a 1-2 decision against We Throw Hooks.

4. (4) Bald and the Balding

Greg Downey (6th) and Brian Toth (11th)

The old duo went 3-0 and pool play and looked good with two more W's in the bracket, but then they fell apart in the semis with a 0-10 performance against the SGA's.

5. (2) Stanton Room Only

Roger Christensen (4th) and Tyler Owen (1st)

Tyler was a solid acquistion for Roger, as they started the day 3-0 in pool play, only allowing 3 runs. They dropped a thriller to Wiffle House 3-4 to bow out of the tourney.

6. (9) Serve the Curve

Josh Swartz and Ben Taylor (8th)...and Craig LeDuc

These guys, with Craig, came out on fire and went 3-0 in their pool. They picked up a nice 3-1 W over the Swinging Cocks and then ran into to the team of the day, SGA's, and lost 0-7.

7. (16) BFM

Derek DeGroat (5th) and Bryan Southwick (1st)

Another team that was great in pool play going 3-0. They picked up a W over the Wet Bandits, but then dropped a tough 1-7 decision to We Throw Hooks.

8. (12) Hoosier Daddy

Dustin Looper (7th) and Jeff Gaisor (9th)

The Indiana Boys came out strong in 2016. They only dropped one in pool play and took down the McDaniel Clan, but then Gaisor got to play his favorite team, Bald and the Balding, and they lost 1-4.

9. (3) The McDaniel Clan

Seth McDaniel (3rd) and Christian McDaniel (4th)

Well, it would appear our idea of them finishing in the Top 3 was a little misguided. They played well in pool play, but dropped their bracket game vs. Hoosier Daddy. It will be interesting to see how they perform in 2017 and beyond.

10. (5) Wiffle Ball-A-Whacker Guys

Jake Fluty (2nd), Joe Fluty (1st), and Kyle Goodwin (5th)

Things were looking great as they started the day 3-0 in pool play, including a 2-0 shutout vs. the Swinging Cocks. But their bats went cold in game one of the bracket and they dropped a 0-4 decision to the Wiffle House.

11. (7) Swinging Cocks (Roosters that is)

Michael Pizzuti (10th), Jamie Dupuis (4th), and Kevin Timmins (10th)

Another strong showing for the C's, but their bats could not get going most of the day. As usual the pitching was strong enough to give them a good day, but they suprisngly only scored 11 runs in their four games.

12. (22) Pitches Be Trippin

Anthony Collins and Jeremy Soldan (5th)

A solid performance in pool play got these guys in the A bracket, but the draw was unkind as they met up with the Hooks in round 1. We do like the effort on their shirts.

13. (14) You're Killing Me Smalls

Joel Weir (7th) and Morrison Borders (6th)

The WB was solid and they made it to the A bracket, but more importantly the kilts were back and better (maybe) than ever. They were good enough to pick-up the best unifrom hardware.

14. (13) Wiff Deez

Matt Vargo (7th) and Matt Douglass (5th)

Things were looking great for the Matt's as they went 3-0 in pool play, but then they had to leave early. Who knows what might have happened, as their forfeit came against the Semi Green Artichokes.

15. (20) We Aren't Good At This

John David Kuhar (8th) and Brian Perry (10th)

The wily veterans started the day 2-1 and advance to the A bracket, but a tough draw against Stanton Room Only brought their day to an end.

16. (25) The Wet Bandits

Joel Wollborg (8th) and Marty Strauch (5th)

One of the highest risers from the pre-tourney scouting, these guys came out hot, but ran into a tough BFM squad and dropped a 2-9 decision to end their day.


The Second 16


17. (8) The Great Divide

Zach Borowski and Stephen Girard (2nd)

Congrats to the young lads for claiming the B Flight Championship. Our scouts thought they would make a run in the A bracket, but pool play was unkind.

18. (26) Ben Franklin

Ed Petzold (5th), Mark Johnston (12th), and Chris Johnston (12th)

An impressive run for the veterans from 1-800-Funtown. They clearly followed the plan and went 0-3 in pool play, but then made an impressive run to the B bracket finals. Maybe next year is the year for some hardward.

19. (10) Pelee Islanders

Kevin Stackpoole (13th) and Brian Stackpoole (13th)

The brothers Stack returned for their 13th outing and had a hard time getting the bats going. As always the pitching was strong, but they scored 0 runs in their final two pool play games. We'll see if their talk of retirement is legit or if they'll be back next year.


20. (28) The Rubber Men

Nick Asman and Tom Poznick (5th)

A strong showing for the Rubber Men in year 5 of their CFTC journey. They picked up 3 wins on the day before bowing out to Ben Franklin in the B Flight semis.

21. (17) Toilet Town Terrors

Trevor Barton and David May (1st)

A strong debut for the triple T's. They won one game in pool play and another in the bracket before bowing out to Ben Franklin. We might see big strides for these guys next year as most teams improve from year one to year two.

22. (22) J.A.F.A.

Michael Belisle (5th), Tedi Belisle (4th), and Michael Flaherty (11th)

Another solid day of WB for these three, and more impressively, a great job by our scouts. Predicted 22nd and finished 22nd.

23. (18) Just Under 60

Duke White (9th) and Russ White (5)

Duke reunited with his son Russ for another CTFC. Despite some big hits and moments, they were unable to go on a run.

24. (24) Rats

Chris Thomas (2nd) and Adam Hallman (5th)

Pool play was rough for the Rats, but they bounced back with a bracket win over Victorious Secrets before bowing out against The Rubber Men.

25. (30) Second Base Crusaders

Kevin Rogner (2nd) and Steve Geminder (1st)

They did better than our scouts predicted and picked up a W in pool play. They ran into a hot Ben Franklin team in the bracket and that was the end of their day.

26. (19) Victorious Secrets

Aaron Schumann (2nd) and Grant Pringle (5th)

They picked up a W over Ben F in pool play, but it was Ben F who went on a run in the bracket. Either way, we always enjoy having these guys camp at CFTC.

27. (23) Harboyz

Nick Volk and Joe Volk (1st)

A strong debut for the father/son duo. We are hoping Coach Jim allows Nick to keep coming to CFTC.

28. (11) The Whippersnappers

Eric Horton (9th) and Kaden Horton (1st)

Something tells us young Kaden is going to be good at this wiffle ball game. He is young and the future is for his dad.....

29. (27) Ballin for Breasts

Barry Soldan and Brett Davis (1st)

Another team that our scouts did a good job on....the senior Soldan and Davis played hard but could not get the bats going.

30. (29) Two Men and a Bat

Kyle Randolph and Matt Walraven (3rd)

One of these days, these guys are going to put it altogether. Until then, please let us keep using your property. Thanks to Kyle and Kari for another great CFTC.

31. (32) Team 32

Andrew and his buddy (1st)

All we can say is thanks for being Team 32. We miss having Andrew at the fields helping setup each year.

32. (31) Night Rangers

Michael Bjorkman (5th), David Toth (11th), and Dan Breathour (6th)

Pre-scouting report-Big rumor-Michael Bjorkman might be replaced by a younger and more talented replacement. If this is true our scouts will move this team up to 29th.

True story and the new guy, Joe Bjorkman, was the best of the bunch.


The Lovely Ladies

1. (1) Peace, Love, and Ta Tas

Ann Lemire and Shana Lynch (3rd)

Anne and Shana were dominate once again, although they did get challenged in a 3-2 victory during the winner’s bracket championship game.  It would appear they will keep winning until they don’t play.

2. (2) For Tits and Giggles

Julie Hoffman (3rd), Lisa Berthold (11th), and Jennifer Bjorkman (9th)

They came close but came in 2nd for the 2nd straight year.  Perhaps 2017 will be they year they breakthrough and claim the crown.

3. (7) Big or Small, Save Them All

Kristin Toth (6th) and Lexi Berthold (3rd)

A nice run for Kiki and her niece.  They almost got to the finals, but dropped a tough one to the relatives from T’s and G’s.  

4. (NR) TAr Tars

Christina Wooster (3rd), Courtney West (5th), and Amanda Pata (5th)

See team below for result of their first game.  They bowed out in the semi’s of the losers bracket with a tough loss agains for T’s and G’s.

5. (4) Boobliscious

Courtney Knox Edwards (6th), Katie Parish (5th) , and Tracy Barker (3rd)

Their day began with a tough 0-2 loss to the Tar Tars.  They rallied for an impressive win over Hooker and Porn.

6. (9) Sassy Sisters

Kelli Verran, Rebecca Oetting, and Lisa Oetting (1st)

A solid debut for the Sassy Sisters.  They dropped their first game but rallied for two wins before bowing out against The Tar Tars.

7. (3) Hooker and Porn

Karlee Hooks (7th) and Angela Eberline (1st)

They started with a nice W over the eventual Toilet Bowl Champions, but they then ran into two hot teams to end their day.

8. (8) Bare NecessTitties

Paula Dietz and Megan Flaherty (5th)

Usually their hardware is devoted to best Team Name, but this year they claimed the honor of being Toilet Bowl Champions.

9. (5) Jug-Or-Nots

Melissa McGovern and Marla Vanwormer (6th)

It was a tough one for the JorN as they lost two close games to end up in the Toilet Bowl.  Their pitching and defense were solid, but they couldn’t score enough runs. They did rally for one win before dropping the TB championship.

10. (6) The Knockers

Erin Burdis and Kari Randolph (3rd)

Ahem......we'll just keep using this until it doesn't fit:

This is what we said after the last two year's tournament.

Two Things: 1. Randolph is a great host. 2. These ladies won the Toilet Bowl, which is impressive for a first (and second) year team. We'll add a third: Great job holding Lemire (allegedly) to her promise that if she won she would swim in the Cass.

Well....we were off by win or two!

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