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The First 16

1. (6) The Semi Green Artichokes

Joey Greiner, Ross Gleason, and Brandon Brubaker (4th)




2. (1) We Throw Hooks

Tyler Hooks (6th) and Keith Hooks (8th)



3. (15) Wiffle House

Mike Rudy (7th), Jeff Radoicic (4th), and Brendan Radoicic (4th)



4. (4) Bald and the Balding

Greg Downey (6th) and Brian Toth (11th)



5. (2) Stanton Room Only

Roger Christensen (4th) and Tyler Owen (1st)



6. (9) Serve the Curve

Josh Swartz and Ben Taylor (8th)...and Craig LeDuc



7. (16) BFM

Derek DeGroat (5th) and Bryan Southwick (1st)



8. (12) Hoosier Daddy

Dustin Looper (7th) and Jeff Gaisor (9th)



9. (3) The McDaniel Clan

Seth McDaniel (3rd) and Christian McDaniel (4th)



10. (5) Wiffle Ball-A-Whacker Guys

Jake Fluty (2nd), Joe Fluty (1st), and Kyle Goodwin (5th)



11. (7) Swinging Cocks (Roosters that is)

Michael Pizzuti (10th), Jamie Dupuis (4th), and Kevin Timmins (10th)


12. (22) Pitches Be Trippin

Anthony Collins and Jeremy Soldan (5th)



13. (14) You're Killing Me Smalls

Joel Weir (7th) and Morrison Borders (6th)



14. (13) Wiff Deez

Matt Vargo (7th) and Matt Douglass (5th)



15. (20) We Aren't Good At This

John David Kuhar (8th) and Brian Perry (10th)



16. (25) The Wet Bandits

Joel Wollborg (8th) and Marty Strauch (5th)



The Second 16



17. (8) The Great Divide

Zach Borowski and Stephen Girard (2nd)



18. (26) Ben Franklin

Ed Petzold (5th), Mark Johnston (12th), and Chris Johnston (12th)



19. (10) Pelee Islanders

Kevin Stackpoole (13th) and Brian Stackpoole (13th)




20. (28) The Rubber Men

Nick Asman and Tom Poznick (5th)



21. (17) Toilet Town Terrors

Trevor Barton and David May (1st)



22. (22) J.A.F.A.

Michael Belisle (5th), Tedi Belisle (4th), and Michael Flaherty (11th)


23. (18) Just Under 60

Duke White (9th) and Russ White (?)



24. (24) Rats

Chris Thomas (2nd) and Adam Hallman (5th)



25. (30) Second Base Crusaders

Kevin Rogner (2nd) and Steve Geminder (1st)



26. (19) Victorious Secrets

Aaron Schumann (2nd) and Grant Pringle (5th)



27. (23) Harboyz

Nick Volk and Joe Volk (1st)



28. (11) The Whippersnappers

Eric Horton (9th) and Kaden Horton (1st)



29. (27) Ballin for Breasts

Barry Soldan and Brett Davis (1st)



30. (29) Two Men and a Bat

Kyle Randolph and Matt Walraven (3rd)


31. (32) Team 32

Andrew and buddy (1st)



32. (31) Night Rangers

Michael Bjorkman (5th), David Toth (11th), and Dan Breathour (6th)

Big rumor-Michael Bjorkman might be replaced by a younger and more talented replacement. If this is true our scouts will move this team up to 29th.


The Lovely Ladies


1. (1) Peace, Love, and Ta Tas

Ann Lemire and Shana Lynch (3rd)



2. (2) For Tits and Giggles

Julie Hoffman (3rd), Lisa Berthold (11th), and Jennifer Bjorkman (9th)



3. (7) Big or Small, Save Them All

Kristin Toth (6th), Taylor Toth (1st), and Lexi Berthold (3rd)


  TAr Tars

5. (4) Boobliscious

Courtney Knox Edwards (6th), Katie Parish (5th) , and Tracy Barker (3rd)



6. (9) Sassy Sisters

Kelli Verran, Rebecca Oetting, and Lisa Oetting (1st)



7. (3) Hooker and Porn

Karlee Hooks (7th) and Angela Eberline (1st)



8. (8) Bare NecessTitties

Paula Dietz and Megan Flaherty (5th)



9. (5) Jug-Or-Nots

Marla Vanwormer and Melissa McGovern (6th)



10. 6) The Knockers

Erin Burdis and Kari Randolph (3rd)

Ahem......we'll just keep using this until it doesn't fit:

This is what we said after the last two year's tournament.

Two Things: 1. Randolph is a great host. 2. These ladies won the Toilet Bowl, which is impressive for a first (and second) year team. We'll add a third: Great job holding Lemire (allegedly) to her promise that if she won she would swim in the Cass.

Something makes us think history might repeat itself.....for a third time.

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